Executive committee

Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman of the Board of Directors, also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. At his side, he has established an Executive Committee whose mission is to ensure the Group’s operational management.


Chaired by Thierry Le Hénaff, the Executive Committee comprises 10 Committee’s members:

  • Marc Schuller, Chief Operating Officer, Coating Solutions, Intermediates, and Advanced Materials businesses segments

• Marie-Pierre Chevallier, Senior Vice President, Performance additives

• Erwoan Pezron, Senior Vice President, High-performance polymers

• Richard Jenkins, Senior Vice President, Coating Solutions

  • Bernard Boyer, Executive Vice President, Strategy
  • Vincent Legros, Executive Vice President, Bostik
  • Luc Benoit-Cattin, Executive Vice President, Industry and CSR
  • Marie-José Donsion, Chief Financial Officer
  • Thierry Parmentier, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Communication


The Executive Committee supervises the Group’s operational management and coordinates and monitors the implementation of the Group’s strategy. It is a decision-making body that focuses on strategic matters and large projects. It also ensures the effective implementation of internal control. The Executive Committee meets twice a month.


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