Assisted international mobility

With locations all around the world, Arkema has a range of geographic mobility opportunities to offer its employees.

International mobility can take several forms: one-time or medium-duration assignments, from a few days to a few months, or expatriation lasting several years.

To facilitate international mobility, Arkema has set up specific programs to assist employees who might be interested in expatriating. Employees in this situation enjoy a number of benefits (a mobility allowance, assistance with moving to the new country, housing bonus, etc.) depending on each situation.

Key figures about mobility

3-5 years
the average period of expatriation
Approximately one hundred expatriate employees around the world

20 to 30 V.I.E. program (Volunteer for International Experience) participants in Arkema every year

International expert program

In the context of projects that are important for the Group, "experts" in their field may be sent to countries where their expertise is not available locally. In this way, Arkema deploys its expertise around the world. Several of Arkema's experts are currently taking part in new Group developments in Asia.

Development program: a career step without borders

An international "detour" for a few years is possible in Arkema. This offers our employees the chance to discover new practices and get an additional advantage in the advancement of their career.

Talent Program

This program was designed in 2015 for junior employees. It offers talented young employees identified at the end of their first job in the company, or the V.I.E. (Volunteer for International Experience) program, the chance to get international experience in the Group.

"Exposure Training" Courses

Through this three- to six-month learning program, the employee is not assigned to a position in an organization chart, but is seconded for training. This program relies on the diversity and richness of skills available in the Group and benefits the trainee employee and the host team in equal measure.

Local contracts

It is possible to join Arkema directly in a country other than its home country. Arkema nonetheless maintains a link between the employee and its home country, so that he / she can continue to benefit from employment and pension coverage.


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