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Cultural diversity in Bostik

Three questions for Isabelle Roy, HR Director Bostik

What does cultural diversity mean for you?

Bostik has been formed by combining together strong local adhesive companies around the world, and building a "One Bostik" culture embracing diversity, so it is part of who we are from the very beginning. We take pride in making sure all feel welcome and enabled to contribute to our growth. We have a very pragmatic approach to diversity: we make it happen through our organization and practices: our 3 global business units managers are located on 3 different continents, with teams & talents all around the world, our management committee is composed of 5 different nationalities; we walk the talk.  

What is the objective of that diversity?

Diversity in an essential asset for our business performance, as as we trade in many countries and with many types of customers. We need to understand their culture to be successful! We have experienced that there is a strong link between diversity and innovation: to better innovate, you need to welcome and value differences. Multicultural and cross functional team work is quite usual in Bostik and key to our success! So openness to others vision, ideas and values is critical to make our projects come true in a sustainable way. 

How do you promote diversity in Bostik?

Bostik has been celebrating diversity with "Diversity Days" in the last years, sometimes together with our "Innovation Day". Each entity was organising events to celebrate diversity and how it shaped our way of doing business and generate smart ideas. The last corporate promotion on diversity was concentrated on real business cases, on how diversity made a difference in our way of performing and/or understanding & serving our customers. 


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