What has been your career path?

I have a university technology diploma in chemistry with an option in computer integrated manufacturing, and a vocational degree in the management and control of chemical processes, which I did through a work-study program in the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). I first worked in Arkema as a temp. I did several shift-jobs in exterior by-products and interior reaction. In April 2013, I was hired as a works coordinator at the Arkema Marseilles St-Menet plant. I am also a volunteer firefighter at the plant, backing up the security technicians.

What is your job about?

The role of the works coordinator technician is to lead and coordinate maintenance and operations units, to do scheduling, risk analysis, and carry out construction/renovation work according to the production constraints of the units.

I also have to organize and schedule maintenance operations, I am responsible for the proper functioning of the backup machines and making sure that the rules, instructions and HSE regulatory provisions are applied.

What do you like about your job?

The cross-functional management with the supervisors of each business line, and the diversity of professions here, which means I'm constantly learning new things.

What are your qualities?

To do this job you need to be organized, thorough, autonomous, and to have good interpersonal skills. I am also very demanding with myself and others, especially when it comes to safety.

What do you like about Arkema?

As you can see from my career path, the company has given me opportunities to grow, whether within a department, at a plant, or even completely changing my profession!

What skills does your job require?

You have to know the manufacturing processes and the physicochemical properties of the products. You also need some knowledge of the technology in the machines (pumps, columns, exchangers, automatic valves, instruments, etc.), and to know the HSE regulations relating to construction/renovation work.

One of your qualities and one flaw?

One quality: I'm thorough. One flaw: I am demanding!

Something about yourself?

As the chairman of a little 7-a-side football club, I like team spirit and competition.


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