How to write your résumé and cover letter

Writing a résumé

  • Submit a document that is clear and comprehensible to a general readership, so that both the HR and operational departments can understand it
  • Highlight key words and your most relevant experiences and skills in relation to the position
  • Do not overstate your mastery of languages or software
  • With regard to your past professional experience, according to the duration highlight 3-6 key points that sum up the assignments that you have dealt with
  • If you are looking for an internship, specify the duration and your availability. If you are applying for a job, specify the job title and the career plan that you have set yourself

Writing a cover letter

The document should include three key items:

  • A presentation of your career plan and its compatibility with this position
  • Your interest in the company (and/or its subsidiary)
  • The skills you possess that are needed to perform the function


Personalize your cover letter and go beyond the standard, typical content. The recruiter must feel that you have a genuine interest in the company. If your résumé includes items that are out of the ordinary, take the opportunity to describe them.


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