The word of the CEO

Chief Executive Officer Thierry Le Hénaff looks back on the financial performance in 2019.

Arkema Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

“After a record year in 2018, we experienced a more difficult economic climate in 2019, marked by downturns in some markets, such as the automotive and electronics sectors, as well as a general lack of visibility. In this context, the Group’s performance remained at a high level and its resilience compared favorably with the sector average. I would like to sincerely thank all our employees for their efforts and their ongoing commitment.


Beyond those very solid financial results, the Group continued its strategy of strengthening its specialty(1) businesses by carrying out high-quality bolt-on acquisitions and capacity increases for high value-added products, and stepping up its innovation drive in High Performance Materials. The Group has also recently defined an ambitious climate plan to contain global warning to well below 2°C.”


(1)The Group distinguishes between intermediate businesses, corresponding to the PMMA, Fluorogases and Acrylics Business Lines, and specialty businesses.

Annual results 2019:


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