Arkema, national supporter of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, France 2019TM

A partnership with the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ is for Arkema a considerable lever to raise the standing of women in sport and in the company. It is also a unique opportunity to expose the Arkema brand through an event that will be broadcast around the world.

“Support and enhance the status of women both in sport and at work”

The agreement reached with FIFA establishing Arkema as a National Sponsor of the competition focuses on enhancing the place of women both in sport generally – and in football in particular – and in industry, two worlds that are still very much male-oriented.


Arkema is actually engaged in a proactive policy in this regard, with a number of concrete initiatives intended for women, e.g. an in-house mentoring program, professional gender equality agreements, and a target of 25% of women in senior executive posts by 2025 (12% in 2006, 19% in 2017).

Thierry Le Hénaff, Arkema Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Noël Le Graët, President of the French Football Association and of the Local Organising Committee, also declared: “I welcome the signing of this agreement. Arkema is a highly dynamic, innovative and successful French international group that is a leader in the chemical sector. Its engagement with us, in football, as part of the organisation of the biggest competition in women’s sport, sends a strong signal.”

Gaëtane Thiney, a brilliant ambassador

Attacking midfielder and striker for the French national football team, Gaëtane Thiney is also Arkema's ambassador for the competition.


 "It’s wonderful to have support. It’s what ensures we’re still standing. (...) I hope I can be a credit to this partnership and bring the World Cup back to Arkema!"

The FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™: a month of competition across France

Hosting cities for the FIFA Women's World Cup

This is a special moment, and Arkema has decided to become involved as a national partner. Women’s football has been experiencing a boom and gaining in popularity in recent years, and it disseminates values that are similar to ours, around performance, sincerity, diversity, and team spirit.


This 8th FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ is also the first to be held in France. In the wake of the victory of France’s men’s team in Russia in 2018, this will undoubtedly be an exciting event in the country.


Scheduled to be held from 7 June to 7 July 2019, this edition will feature:

  • 31 days of competition
  • 52 matches played
  • 24 teams battling it out
  • 9 host cities

>> Find out more on the FIFA website

Streetfootballworld Festival 19: a major international charity tournament

In the first week of July 2019, while the Women’s World Cup semi-finals are taking place in Lyon (2 and 3 July) followed by the final (7 July), 50 delegations made up of hundreds of children and teenagers from priority neighborhoods around the world, will be welcomed to Lyon to take part in the Streetfootballworld Festival 19.


Arkema is a patron of the Sport dans la Ville association, which is organizing the event, and is also a sponsor of this international competition. Through the sport of football, the association’s volunteers promote tolerance, respect as well as social and gender diversity.

In 2016, Sport dans la Ville already organized the Streetfootballworld Festival 16 in France, during the Euro competition.

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