Team Arkema Lalou Multi

Under the aegis of Lalou Roucayrol, Team Arkema Lalou Multi combines a passion for sailing, innovation, and a quest for performance. The team spirit that inspires the skipper is also one of sharing. Indeed, Lalou is passing on all his expertise to Quentin Vlamynck, boat captain on the Multi50, and to Raphaël Lutard, skipper of the Mini 6.50.

By joining forces with Team Lalou Multi, Arkema aims to highlight the common values they hold with the skipper: performance, innovation, sharing and transfer of know-how and expertise.

Team Arkema Lalou Multi

Lalou Roucayrol, passionate about the sea

Lalou Roucayrol, the skipper of the Arkema Multi50 trimaran, is much more than a famous sailor. A specialist of ocean racing in multihull boats, he is a consummate racing sailor who surprises with his humanity and simplicity. He was born in the Médoc region, and the ocean is the playground in which he excels.


At odds with various fashions, Lalou successfully chalked up, over 30 years, one of the most impressive records in the multihull world. The skipper has stayed the same since he started: committed to developing his boats, while maintaining a certain kind of simplicity.


Bold and a sailing fanatic, Lalou is a genuine trailblazer in the world of ocean racing.

Lalou's track record with the Arkema Multi50


  • 2nd in Drheam Cup
  • 2nd in Grand Prix de l’École Navale
  • 1st in Grand Prix Guyader



  • 1st in Transat Jacques Vabre
  • 3rd in Prince de Bretagne Trophy
  • 3rd in ArMen Race
  • 2nd in Grand Prix Guyader



  • 1st in Prince de Bretagne Trophy
  • 1st in Drheam Cup
  • 1st in Transat Québec – Saint-Malo
  • 2nd in The Transat bakerly



    • 3nd in Transat Jacques Vabre
    • 2nd in Prince de Bretagne Trophy
    • 2nd in Grand Prix Las Palmas
    • 2nd in ArMen Race



      • 2nd in Route du Rhum



    • 1st in Route des Princes

Lalou is also an entrepreneur who has succeeded in combining his passion for technology and performance with his love for the sea. The Lalou Multi structure which he has set up collaborates with some twenty people all committed to the collective success of the project.


This project goes far beyond mere sporting performance. Sailing is a concentrate of know-how and passion which Lalou has made a point of passing on to the younger generation. So, in 2011, the Team welcomed Quentin Vlamynck as part of a training scheme.

Quentin Vlamynck, a sailing rising star

Quentin’s adventure began four years ago with the construction of the Arkema trimaran. Under an apprenticeship contract, Quentin decided to take up a career as a skipper. So, simultaneously he pursued technical-commercial studies at Lycée de la Mer in Gujan-Mestras, followed the construction of Lalou’s new racing beast, and cut his teeth in ocean sailing on board this boat.

A very promising start under Lalou's kindly gaze

Passionate, hard-working and talented, Quentin is a fast learner. In 2014, for his first solo racing season on board a Mini 6.50, he battled it out to rank in the top 10 of the various events. In November 2017, the skipper secured 6th place in the overall ranking of his second solo transatlantic race, the Mini Transat.

A new step

In 2018, Quentin Vlamynck is working his way through the ranks by becoming boat captain of the Multi 50 and therefore “the right-hand man” of Lalou Roucayrol: “My new role consists in managing the technical side of the boat, maintenance, relations with suppliers ... In short, the idea is to ease Lalou’s mind”, he explains.


Quentin will often be sailing alongside Lalou Roucayrol when ferrying the boat and also “false solo” training. The young man will make the most of this experience to further improve his skills on the Multi50, while bringing fresh and helpful eyes to Lalou.


Raphaël Lutard, a new skipper in the Team

Raphaël Lutard

One other mission in 2018 for Quentin will entail passing on the Mini 6.50. Raphaël Lutard is indeed its new skipper.

“It’s a major turning point for me and a leap into the unknown. I’m not stressed but rather I feel positively excited. It’s going to be a great journey of discovery”, Raphaël says.“I’m still learning, and the goal will be to further optimize this incredible prototype and make it even more reliable.”


Raphaël already has a solid experience in Laser and in Open 5.70. Like Quentin, he studied at the Lycée de la Mer in Gujan-Mestras.

Following his senior technician (BTS) technico-commercial qualification in sailing and his victory at the UNSS French Championships, he met the members of the Team, which resulted in a training internship followed by a work-study contract before he was definitively hired full-time in early 2017 to prepare the Mini 6.50 and, as back-up, the Multi50 for major events.


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