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Specialty polyamides

Many of the products of the specialty polyamides activity are positioned among the market leaders. Its success is based on strong brands, high-performance products, and innovative and dynamic R&D.

The specialty polyamides activity produces and markets a wide range of products for a wide variety of applications:


  • Polyamides 10, 11 and 12 are marketed under the Rilsan® and Rilsamid®  brands for the following applications: fuel lines, under-the-hood car parts, pneumatic brake hoses and tubes for trucks and buses, components for the electrical industry, etc.
  • Copolyamide hot melt adhesives under the Platamid® brand: bonding materials in the textile industry (automotive trim and clothes),
  • Polyether block amides under the Pebax® brand: antistatic additives, sports and leisure (sports equipment, glasses), industrial applications (tubes, hoses, films),.
  • Thermoplastic alloys under the Orgalloy® brand: automotive body parts and under-the-hood parts, agricultural fumigation films,
  • Semi-aromatic polyamides under the Rilsan Clear® brand: eyeglass frames, medical equipment (faucets, valves, nozzles), etc.

Fine and ultrafine powders

  • Fine powders under the Orgasol® brand: cosmetic formulations (powders, creams, make-up foundation, lipstick, sunscreens, etc.), active substance carriers (vitamins A and E) and additives for paints, varnishes, paper, inks and adhesives,
  • Polyamide powders under the Rilsan® Fine Powders brand: protection of auto parts (spline shafts for transmission, brake hoses, etc.), water lines and various types of equipment (dishwasher baskets, hosiery).

Oleris®, a 100% biobased range of products for a variety of applications

Oleris® is a 100% biobased range of products made from a renewable raw material (castor oil) and is compliant with Green Chemistry principles.

  • Oleris® Heptanoic acid with its very good anti-corrosion properties and exceptional performance at high and low temperatures, is mainly used in lubricants, refrigerant oils or for air conditioning
  • Oleris® Heptaldehyde, Oleris® Heptanol and Oleris® Heptanoic acid are very pure and linear products which are used as synthesis intermediates for flavors and fragrances
  • Oleris® Undecylenic acid and Oleris® Methyl undecylenate have interesting applications - in the form of derivatives in both fragrances and cosmetics - as chemicals which are reliable, environmentally friendly, more economical, highly effective, while also presenting antimicrobial, preservative and anti-odor properties
  • Oleris® Esterol A, as a non-toxic and readily biodegradable product with a low viscosity and good resistance to oxidation, it is an excellent unctuous agent and is used for applications as a fluxing agent in metal working liquids, concrete mold release, as a lubricant additive in cutting oils, etc.

Arkema is the world leader  in polyamides 11 (Rilsan®) and 12 (Rilsamid®),
and copolyamide hot melt adhesives (Platamid®).


Production and R&D sites: Europe (France), North America (USA), Asia (Japan and China).


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