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Organic peroxides

The Arkema group is one of the main global producers of organic peroxides. Its expertise also extend to glass coatings, additives for PVC, catalysts for synthesis in fine chemicals, polyester resins and specialty epoxides.

The Organic peroxides activity, headquartered in Philadelphia in the United States, operates facilities throughout the world. Its products, services and technical support are available to customers in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Organic peroxides are necessary for a wide range of processes in the chemical industry:

  • polymerization for the production of commodity plastics such as polystyrene, PVC and acrylics,
  • curing of unsaturated polyester resins, especially for products in construction, transportation and leisure,
  • crosslinking, an operation which involves bonding the polymer chains together to enhance their mechanical properties and their temperature stability. This process finds widespread use in the following sectors: cable manufacture, industrial rubber for automotive applications, construction and footwear manufacture.

Its surface treatment additives are used for window glass treatments and for enhanced scratch protection on bottles.


The additives for PVC improve the processing of PVC resins and their properties.

Main products and brands

  • Luperox®
  • Vul-Cup® R 
  • Di-Cup® R 
  • Biostrength® 
  • Clearstrength® 
  • Durastrength® 
  • Plastistrength® 
  • Vikoflex®
  • Vikolox® 
  • Vikopol® 
  • Certincoat® 
  • Tegoglas® 
  • Kercoat®


  • 20 production sites in all major and emerging markets
  • 6 technical centers worldwide
  • 2 R&D centers: Lacq (France), King of Prussia (USA)

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