A transformative 10 years

­­­Arkema was publicly listed in 2006, a few months after being created. Ten years later, the company has been almost totally transformed. We are now an innovative, agile, global chemical producer with a regionally balanced portfolio, providing specialty chemicals and advanced materials.

Thank you!

Our first ten years confirm our belief that the most important thing is to progress together. From the outset, we have been engaged in serving shared growth.


We are driven by the collective energy of our teams, customers and partners and by a shared goal that is unchanged. Without compromising our deeply held convictions, we have remade ourselves.


We are more than “just” a chemicals producer. We are a designer of materials and innovative solutions, creating and developing high-value-added, real-world applications.


We are part of the sustainability revolution, laying the groundwork for more fuel-efficient cars, growth in renewables and sustainable housing.

Always on the move

By tripling our operating income in a decade and doubling our EBITDA margin, we have proved our ability to ride out the ups and downs of the world economy and fluctuations in currencies and energy costs. Our market capitalization virtually tripled over the same period.


The success of Arkema and our people is no accident. It is the result of the company's profound transformation, guided by a bold strategy. From the outset, we have looked to emerging markets, in Asia in particular, whose share of our revenue has risen from around 10 to 24%.


Thanks to a selective divestment and acquisitions strategy, we have sharply reduced our dependence on cyclical activities and commodities, shifting our focus to higher-value-added specialty chemicals. Our recent acquisition of Bostik and its immediate contribution to our results are a yet another example of the change.


Arkema has made innovation a growth driver since day one. Named one of the Top 100 Global Innovators by Thomson Reuters for the last five years, we have six R&D platforms, focusing on performance materials that tackle the environmental challenges of the future.


Lastly, we are strongly engaged in a process to improve our corporate social responsibility performance. We had one of the lowest recordable injury rates in the industry in 2015. Environmentally, in 10 years we have slashed our greenhouse gas emissions 64% and our air emissions 43%. And we are shrinking our energy bill every year.

And tomorrow?

The last 10 years were just the first step. The next milestone is already set for 2020. In keeping with our roadmap and drive, we will continue to transform the company.


Our focus on innovation, emerging markets, sustainability and performance materials gives us myriad growth opportunities. Arkema is strongly positioned to keep our momentum going: we have the people, the talent, the projects and the determination it takes.


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