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A CSR strategy driven by the ambition to be among the best

Centred around 5 commitments, the Arkema group’s CSR strategy seeks to make it one of the most efficient of the chemical industry. Integrated to its strategy and its activities, the approach creates value for both society at large and the firm itself.

Our strategic position as a central player in the industry, dedicated to serving our customers, creates an obligation for us to set an example of excellence in environmental awareness, safety and sustainability in chemical production.
Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Gold assessment for Arkema by EcoVadis

The Arkema group is convinced that its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility creates value for: 

  • Society at large: it develops innovative solutions for a sustainable world. It watches environment’s respect and searches constantly risks reduction due to its activities and consumption of non-renewable resources decrease.
  • The Arkema group itself: eco-friendly products’ markets expending ensure a sustainable growth of incomes. It learns from the dialogue with its stakeholders.

Corporate values fundamental to CSR

The Group’s CSR policy is based on ethics and on the following core values shared by all within the firm:

  • solidarity
  • simplicity


  • performance
  • responsibility
Arkema's ambition concerning CSR is based on strong commitments consistent with its environment's evolution. It is through the respect of those commitments that Arkema ensure a sustainable and responsible growth of its activities
Luc Benoit-Cattin, Vice President, Industry

The five commitments for which the Arkema group declines its CSR policy

shape of a white hand on green bottom
  • Be a top quartile performer in safety in the chemical industry, whether industrial safety or product stewardship

  • Reduce the environmental footprint of its activities, by reducing its air emissions (including discharges of greenhouse gases), its water emissions, by optimizing the consumption of natural resources, and by increasing the use of renewable raw materials

  • Place sustainable development solutions at the heart of its innovation policy and its product offering to provide new solutions capable of meeting the challenges of our world


  • Encourage openness and dialogue with all its stakeholders  (neighboring residents, associations, suppliers, customers, etc.) by always listening to their needs and concerns, and by explaining the Group’s activities through concrete initiatives

  • Promote the individual and collective development of the Group's men and women


CSR governance within the Arkema group

A Sustainable Development Division reports directly to the Group Industry Vice President, member of the Executive Committee (‘ExCo’).


A CSR steering committee, chaired by the Industry Vice President and which includes the Human Resources and Communication Vice President as well as various functional directors, proposes CSR action plans and oversees globally actions conducted as part of CSR policy.


The Arkema group CSR ambition and 2020 safety and environment performance objectives were defined by the ExCo on a basis of CSR steering committee works.


Audit and Accounts Committee ensure the conformity of the Arkema group’s CSR approach to extra-financial regulatory requirements.


All indicators featured in the Arkema’s reference document are subject to moderate assurance provided by and independent third party body.

The Arkema group is committed to the Responsible Care® program

Engaged since its creation in the Responsible Care® program, the Arkema group showed its vision of a responsible corporation by the signature of the Responsible Care® Global Charter in 2006 and has renewed it in December 2014.

The initiative launched under the auspices of the ICCA gathers the chemicals industries engaged in safety improvement, health and environment protection. They ensure it by a product stewardship

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