Common Ground® - building long-lasting ties with our stakeholders

Through Common Ground® Arkema is committed to a completely new approach in building relationships between our Company, our facilities and their environment. This initiative entails opening up our plants in order to establish long-term exchanges with neighboring communities. And, more generally, to have exchanges with our stakeholders so that they better understand our activities and products.


This innovative process relies specifically on assessing community expectations and opinion trends. It involves each of our facilities in regular briefings and dialog on the nature of their activities, risk management, and their progress objectives.

First launched in France in 2002, Common Ground® has progressively been extended to the other countries in which the Arkema group is based. Many actions have been organized within the scope of this program: open house days, factory visits, public information meetings, exhibits, safety days, school meetings, support for local associations, etc.

“The objective of Common Ground® is to develop relationships with local residents based on mutual trust and understanding so that the parties better understand each other.
Michel Delaborde, Executive vice president, human resources and corporate communications

The Arkema group’s vision is part of a sustainable development perspective. Its objective is to offer innovative solutions in every area, contributing to progress and ensuring that this progress is shared among as many people as possible. This is done in consultation with our stakeholders. It is an ongoing process of putting forward suggestions, exchanging ideas, as well as building and exploring new Common Ground®.”

The Arkema Inc. Foundation

In the US, the Arkema Inc. Foundation supports Common Ground® in its efforts to enhance the quality of life in the communities next to our facilities in North America. The Arkema Inc. Foundation supports various social, cultural and educational organizations.