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Sports equipment

Comfort, light weight, durability… are all key qualities in sports equipment manufacture. Arkema knows this, and combines passion with innovation to accompany trends in clothing and technical equipment thanks to effective solutions. By improving the design of sports articles and materials, the Group stands as a partner at the service of the performance of sportsmen and -women.

Solutions dedicated to light weight and comfort

Evopower soccer shoes with Pebax®

In order to achieve their targeted performance, sportsmen and -women need to rely on rigorous training, but also on reliable, comfortable and lightweight equipment.

To meet these requirements, Arkema develops new polyamide and resin ranges that help improve the quality of products and of the materials they are made of.

  • The comfort of sportsmen and -women essentially depends on the performance of their equipment. To fulfil this need, Pebax® polyether block amide offers energy return while ensuring comfort and light weight for the sole of sports shoes (football, baseball, basket, rugby, jogging/running, trekking/ hiking, etc.).
  • Easy to use and process, Rilsan® biosourced polyamide  is used in the manufacture of various bicycle saddles. Its properties include light weight and fatigue strength of the material for the greater comfort of cyclists. For tennis players, this product can also be found in the make-up of racket bumpers.
  • For the tip of figure ice skates and ice hockey skates, Orgalloy® thermoplastic alloys deliver unrivalled sturdiness and light weight.
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    Pebax® Powered, Arkema's high performance thermoplastic elastomer
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    Pebax® Powered, a key material in the manufacture of ski boots
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    Dynafit, Fischer or Scott offer ski boots models manufactured with Pebax® Powered
  • 4 / 7
    Scarpa offers a ski boot model manufactured with Pebax® Powered
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    Light weight, flexibility, energy return and reliability : the main qualities of Pebax® Powered thermoplastic elastomer
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    Pebax® Powered allows athletes to "stretch their limits"
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    Pebax® Powered is well known to ski and mountain professional experts

Focus on... environmentally sound sustainable products

Proper sport experience cannot ignore a real concern for the environment, so Arkema relentlessly imagines and develops new sustainable solutions that address the needs of our planet. Pebax® Rnew, for example, is the first fully biosourced thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It features outstanding mechanical, physical and chemical properties, without affecting performance. Rilsan® PA is processed from castor oil and is 100% renewable.

With its R&D work heavily focused on sustainable development, the Group is one of the world’s most innovative chemicals manufacturers.

Enhanced mechanical strength and thermal stability

Athlete practicing cross-country skiing

Sportsmen and -women have to test their endurance to be able to progress, but they also have to bank on reliable materials.
The Group’s teams of experts are responsive to the evolution of activities as well as to the expectations of sports enthusiasts, and so continuously develop increasingly more effective solutions that enhance the sturdiness and durability of equipment.


  • Rilsamid®  is a high performance polyamide recommended for the most demanding applications thanks to its unique combination of thermal, physical, chemical and mechanical properties. This thermoplastic material is used in particular in the formulation of coatings for skis.
  • In order to fill the gap between thermoplastics and rubber, elastomeric polymers from the Pebax® range can be used on their own or combined with other plastic or rubber materials. They are used in the manufacture of many ski boots, to which they impart light weight, rigidity, comfort and sturdiness even at very low temperature.
  • Solarkote® PMMA resins may also be found in coating formulations for kayaks, boats, jet skis/water scooters, etc. They boost the protection of the colors of the vinyl substrates, and improve resistance to impact, scratching and corrosive agents.
  • Used in the manufacture of frames for racing bikes and mountain bikes, Nanostrength® nanostructured acrylic copolymers in particular ensure high resistance to impact and to mechanical stress, as well as excellent UV stability. Graphistrength® carbon nanotubes are added as filler to composites resins and so help reduce by 40% the risk of bicycle frames breaking.

Chemistry, style and design: a winning formula

Arkema offers innovative products for the manufacture of cycling equipment, from saddle to frame.

The style and design of sports equipment have become an issue and a challenge that rival with strength and durability.
With its connection to wellbeing, the notion of sport reflects a certain quality of life, an idea borne out by trendy and customizable articles.

Hence Arkema always seeks to address technical constraints while also keeping style and design in mind.


  • Altuglas® PMMA acrylic resins ensure optimum high-glossy appearance as well as high depth of color. They are used to manufacture SUP (stand-up paddle) boards.
  •  A transparent and biosourced polyamide, Rilsan® Clear is used to manufacture tough, lightweight and fully transparent articles. It is often used for the design of high performance sports goggle frames.
  •  Appreciated in the manufacture of fishing lines, the Kynar® PVDF fluorinated resin range offers solutions for the manufacture of very strong strands with a low reflection index (the strand is invisible in water!).

Focus on... chemistry, your partner on the golf course!

Chemistry is ubiquitous in the composition of golf balls and golf clubs. Attentive to the needs of all sportsmen and -women, the Arkema Group has also developed tailor-made products for golf equipment.

Products from the Pebax® range are indeed used in particular to manufacture the sole of shoes, while Graphistrength® and Nanostrength® solutions improve the quality of the shaft of golf clubs.


Meanwhile, Luperox®  additives are used in composition of golf balls.


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