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Product range
These biobased resins are well-designed for oil & gas, automotive, sport, textile, and many more applications

Rilsan® is a range of specialty polyamides derived from a natural raw material (castor oil), through a proprietary processes and world-leading expertise.

Rilsan® high-performance polymers have been a trusted source of performance in highly demanding applications for nearly 60 years. These renewable resins find application in oil & gas, automotive, sport, electronics, and many more markets. Arkema also offers grades with specific approvals for medical and food packaging applications.

Why choose Arkema's Specialty Polyamides

Supply security

Guarantee of the best supply security for our clients is an everyday concern. As such, vertical integration in all key monomers and feedstocks is a pillar of our strategy.

As a world leader in biosourced specialty polyamides, Arkema has developed a leading position in castor oil feedstock and monomers. Arkema has evolved to become the world’s largest supplier of biosourced sebacic acid.  In 2013, Arkema signed a joint venture agreement with Jayant Agro, the world largest castor oil producer.



Worldwide Presence

Thanks to the worldwide distribution of research and manufacturing, the Specialty Polyamides division ensures a local presence on three continents: Europe (France), North America (USA), Asia (Japan and China).




The largest offer in specialty polyamides

Arkema has developed the largest available specialty polyamides portfolio. From soft thermoplastic elastomers to highly rigid polyarylamide compounds, we have the material you need

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
    • Fuel system
  • Oil and gas
    • Offshore


  • Flexible pipes
  • Fuel lines

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