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Platamid® Copolyamides

Product range
Platamid® polyamides can be easily converted into nets, webs, films, or filaments leading to superior results in quality and cost.

Platamid® Copolyamides are specialty thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives (HMA) tailored to deliver durable, versatile and solvent-free bonding.

Platamid® holt melt adhesives are well-designed to adress the high demanding bonding challenges of various markets: textile interligning, technical textiles, construction, electronics and automotive.


Key Properties

  • High specific adhesion
  • Excellent productivity (Reduced cyle time)
  • High resistance
  • Bondable to a wide range of polar substrates
  • Melting point from 85 to 150°C (and above)
  • Melt viscosity from 40 to 4000 Pa.s at 160°C
  • Adjustable cristallization speed and open time
  • Solvent-free processing
  • Optionally bio-based
  • Plasticizer free
  • Low to zero emissions (VOC and fogging)
  • Reusable and recyclable (thermoplastic)

Major advantages

Platamid® HMA are heat activable and available as powder or pellet, both easy flowing, non tacky.

Compared to other bonding solutions, customized Platamid® portfolio copolyamides offer versatile bonding conditions from 85 to 150°C. These high performance copolyamides also present outstanding properties: high specific adhesion, high productivity, low to zero emissions (VOC et fogging)...

Arkema has developped a range of products offering a outstanding adhesion level and good compatibily with very demanding substrates. These grades are referred to as "universal" range of products.

A wide range of final applications

Platamid® offers resistant and durable adhesion for a variety of industrial applications including:

  • Woven and non-woven textiles i.e silk, wool, cotton, cellulose, polymer fibers and leather,
  • Many different kind of foams such as TPU
  • Versatile plastics such as plasticized and rigid PVC, PU, ABS, Epoxy, etc.
  • Rubbers (NBR)
  • Metals
Platamid® range of products well adapted to many substrates

A wide range of processing

Platamid® polyamides can be easily converted into nets, webs, films, or filaments leading to superior results in quality and cost.

Lower viscosity grades are suitable for standard HMA processes, such as melt print or low pressure molding.

Platamid® polyamides can be easily converted into nets, webs, films, or filaments.

Focus on film extrusion processing

Since Platamid® are thermoplastic, these materials are well-designed for film extrusion processing. Monolayer or multilayer films can be either processed. Due to its unique properties, the Platamid® products allow to make very thin films (thickness 15µm).

A specific Platamid® range of products is available for film extrusion, including dried grades.

Focus on web processing

Some Platamid® fluid grades are specific for web processing. These products offer customized properties to improve the web processing productivity:

  • Low visosity
  • Excellent thermal resistance,
  • Fast recristallization: 10% to 15% better recristallization rate than commonly used products

Why choose Arkema's Specialty Polyamides

Supply security

Guaranty of the best supply security for our clients is an everyday concern. As such, vertical integration in all key monomers and feedstocks is a pillar of our strategy.

As a world leader in biosourced specialty polyamides, Arkema has developed a leading position in castor oil feedstock and monomers. In 2012, Arkema acquired Casda Biomaterials, the world leader in sebacic acid derived from castor oil. In 2013, Arkema signed a joint venture agreement with Jayant Agro, the world largest castor oil producer.


Worldwide Presence

Thanks to the wordwide repartition of its production sites and R&D centers, the Specialty Polyamides division ensures a local presence on three continents: Europe (France), North America (USA), Asia (Japan and China).   



The largest offer in specialty polyamides

Arkema has developed the largest available specialty polyamides portfolio. From soft thermoplastic elastomer to highly rigid polyarylamide compounds, we have the polymer you need

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
  • Paint, coatings and adhesives
    • Hotmelt adhesive (pellet)
    • Hotmelt adhesive (powder)


  • Film, web or net
  • Textile interlining

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