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Orgasol® applications are industrial: additive in coatings paints, composite, inks, laser sintering and cosmetic: make up, skin care, sun care formulations.

Orgasol® is a range of ultra fine polyamide powders designed for industrial and cosmetics applications. Theses powders present both a spherical shape and an extremely narrow particle size distribution. The unique production process ensures that Orgasol® powders are very different than those of ground powders.


  • Virtually spherical shape
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Texturing agent
  • Matifying agent
  • Easily formulating

Two very specific applications

Orgasol® polyamide powders are divided into two major ranges of products: 

  • Cosmetic portfolio 
  • Industrial portolio


Each of these ranges are especially/strongly designed to meet the specific customers/application requirements.

Cosmetic applications

147249010Orgasol® powders are unique porous microspheres that give a creamy and velvety feel to formulations. Furthermore, the very high remanence on the skin offers a nice touch and long lasting.

Thanks to their adjustable particle sizes and absorption capacities, the Orgasol® range meets the expectations of the cosmetic market segments.
Today, Orgasol® ultrafine poyamids powders are used and recognized for its unique properties in many formulations: skin care, make up, hair care, toiletries, sun care


By bridging the gap between the chemistry of textures and the physics of particles, Orgasol® is revolutionizing the art of formulation. This innovate range of products invite creative industry professionals to develop more cutting edge formulas.


Key Benefits:

  • Aesthetic enhancer
  • Active powders
  • Silky powdery texture
  • Good compaction
  • Sebum reduction
  • Soft focus
  • Cosiness

Industrial applications


Orgasol® ultrafine polyamide powders are used as additive in various markets: Coatings paints, inks and overprint varnishes (OPV) markets, composite and inkjet transfer papers markets... These polyamide powders are also a key material for laser sintering.


Arkema has developed Orgasol® Ultrafine powders for their solvent and heat resistance as well as their hardness.


Thanks to this unique synthesis process, Orgasol® particules are virtually spherical, possessing a porous structure and a narrow particle size distribution. The grades are differentiated depending on polyamide type (PA 6, PA 12, PA 6/12), particle size (5 to 60 µm), melting point and specific surface area.


Key Benefits:

  • High abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Gloss control and mar resistance
  • Texturing effects
  • Recoat ability
  • Lubrication

Contact and availability

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Cosmetic market manager

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