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Orgasol® is a range of ultra fine polyamide powders manufactured by polymerization of lauryl and caprolactam, using process additives exclusively of synthetic and vegetable origin.

The singularity of the synthesis process gives them an extremely narrow particle size distribution, and ensures that both the structure and the morphology of Orgasol® powders are very different than those of ground powders.

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Orgasol® ultra fine powders are essential to give your skin care and color cosmetic formulations a very soft touch. These materials are available with different diameters and absorption properties. The Orgasol® range can meet the wide-ranging expectations of the cosmetics market.
Orgasol® ultrafine polyamide powders are a range of polymers and copolymers of lauryllactam (PA 12) and/or caprolactam (PA 6), obtained by direct polymerization. Thanks to this unique process, a wide range of Orgasol® powders with a unique spherical shape and very narrow particle size distribution is available. The grades differ in terms of particle size (from 5 to 60 microns), specific surface area and melting-point.

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