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Product range
Orgalloy® products are suitable for the application sectors of engineering polymers: automotive, films and packaging, tubes and profiles, cables…

Orgalloy® is a family of patented polyamide based thermoplastics alloys.
Orgalloy® polyamide alloys combine the best properties of polyamides (mechanical strength, chemical and thermal resistances) with the benefits of polyolefins (easy processing, low moisture pick up).


  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Very low moisture pick up
  • Constant mechanical properties
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Greater resistance to hydrolysis than polyamide 6
  • Stable electrical properties
  • Easy processing
  • High Productivity

Three different products families

LT grades, the choice of flexibility

Orgalloy® LT family of products are flexible grades. They are mainly processed by extrusion blow molding.


Thanks to its specific properties, Orgalloy® LT products present key benefits such as:

  • Thermal resistance 
  • Cold impact resistance 
  • Flexibility 
  • Chemical resistance 


These properties make Orgalloy® LT range of products well-designed for use in automotive air intake. Orgalloy® LT are also suitable for tube, mandrel and profile extrusion applications (cables, automotive air-conditioning hoses).

LE grades, the alternative of semi flexibility

Orgalloy® LE range of products are semi-flexible and can be plasticized or not according to its applications.


Two families of LE products can be distinguished:

  • Tube, mandrel and profile extrusion products

The LE semi-flexible grade of Orgalloy® offer technical benefits widely recognized by its customers:
- Chemical resistance 
- Barrier properties: Low permeation to refrigerant gas 
- Flexibility


  • Blow-moulding and cast films extrusion products

Orgalloy® semi-flexible range of products also include blow-moulding and cast films extrusion grades.
In films for food packaging applications or agricultural films, these products are well-known for its specific properties:
- Chemical resistance and barrier properties 
- Strength 
- Low surface tension

R and RS grades, the choice of rigidity

Orgalloy® R and RS grades are rigid and are mainly customized for injection molding.


Our clients appreciate the R and RS grades for their excellent properties:

  • Dimensional stability 
  • Low density
  • High in-mold flow: shorter cycle time 
  • Short cooling time 
  • Possibility of making thick parts


The first applications of these rigid grades are miscellaneous moulded parts: electrical connectors, automotive tubing clamps, sports components, etc...

A special R grade of Orgalloy® has been especially designed for blow-moulding and cast films extrusion applications.

Why choose Arkema's Specialty Polyamides

Supply security

Guaranty of the best supply security for our clients is an everyday concern. As such, vertical integration in all key monomers and feedstocks is a pillar of our strategy.

As a world leader in biosourced specialty polyamides, Arkema has developed a leading position in castor oil feedstock and monomers. In 2012, Arkema acquired Casda Biomaterials, the world leader in sebacic acid derived from castor oil. In 2013, Arkema signed a joint venture agreement with Jayant Agro, the world largest castor oil producer.

Worldwide Presence

Thanks to the wordwide repartition of its production sites and R&D centers, the Specialty Polyamides division ensures a local presence on three continents: Europe (France), North America (USA), Asia (Japan and China).   



The largest offer in specialty polyamides

Arkema has developed the largest available specialty polyamides portfolio. From soft thermoplastic elastomer to highly rigid polyarylamide compounds, we have the polymer you need. 

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
    • Fuel system
    • Mandrel and tubing
  • Packaging and Paper


  • Film
  • Fuel tank

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