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Product range
The Hiprolon® products offers interesting properties such as rigidity and toughness, chemical and thermal resistances, dimensional stability, permeability, and environmental benefits.

Hiprolon® is a unique, wide and complementary range of medium and long-chain specialty polyamides. Most grades are completely or partially biobased and derived from castor oil.

This products portfolio includes:

Hiprolon® 70 (PA 6.10) and 90 (PA 6.12) to bridge the gap between short and long chain polyamides

Hiprolon® 200 (PA 10.10) and 400 (PA 10.12) to complement the traditional offer in long-chain polyamides



  • Wide flexural modulus range - From rigid (Hiprolon® 70 and 90) to flexible (Hiprolon® 200 and 400)
  • Cold impact resistance
  • Elastic memory
  • Good fitting retention
  • High burst pressure
  • Heat ageing resistance
  • Chemical resistance - grease, salts (ZnCl2), fuel, …)
  • Weatherability (UV, ozone)
  • Dimensional stability - lower water uptake than PA6 an PA66
  • Wide product range - Range of resins (from low to high viscosity) and compounds (glass filled, …)
  • Biobased origin - From 40% to 100% renewable resources (for Hiprolon® 70, 200, 400)

The Hiprolon® portfolio of products

Hiprolon® 70 - PA 6.10: The performance and biobased alternative to short-chain polyamides

Hiprolon® 70 is a 60% bio-renewable polyamide. Compared to PA 6 and PA 6.6, it has low density, low water absorption, and better impact resistance. It also offers superior heat resistance compared to other polymers, including longer chain polyamides. It’s widely used to produce monofilament, industrial parts with high heat resistance, structural components and extrusion tubing products.

Hiprolon® 90 - PA 6.12: The choice of stiffness

Hiprolon® 90 is a stiff material with high impact resistance and good resistance to hydrolysis.
It is commonly used to produce monofilament, automotive tubing, electrical components, bearing retainers and other industrial components.

Hiprolon® 200 - PA 10.10: The choice of responsible excellence

The Hiprolon® 200 is 100% bio-renewable material that offers the attractive properties of high performance polyamides including low moisture absorption, high impact resistance, thermal resistance, and excellent chemical resistance.
Applications include automotive tubing, soft and flexible filament, electrical componentry, and handheld devices.

Hiprolon® 400 - PA 10.12: The choice of flexibility

Hiprolon® 400 is a 45% bio-based, high performance long chain polyamide resin. The material offers the lowest moisture absorption and greatest flexibility among the Hiprolo product family. It also has excellent chemical resistance.
Common applications include automotive tubing systems and fuel lines.

Why choose Arkema's Specialty Polyamides

Supply security

Guaranty of the best supply security for our clients is an everyday concern. As such, vertical integration in all key monomers and feedstocks is a pillar of our strategy.

As a world leader in biosourced specialty polyamides, Arkema has developed a leading position in castor oil feedstock and monomers. In 2012, Arkema acquired Casda Biomaterials, the world leader in sebacic acid derived from castor oil. In 2013, Arkema signed a joint venture agreement with Jayant Agro, the world largest castor oil producer.

Worldwide Presence

Thanks to the wordwide repartition of its production sites and R&D centers, the Specialty Polyamides division ensures a local presence on three continents: Europe (France), North America (USA), Asia (Japan and China).


The largest offer in specialty polyamides

Arkema has developed the largest available specialty polyamides portfolio. From soft thermoplastic elastomer to highly rigid polyarylamide compounds, we have the polymer you need

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
    • Fuel system
  • Electronics and electrical
  • General industry
    • Pneumatics and hydraulics


  • Fuel lines
  • Pneumatics

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