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Rilsan® S

Derived from castor oil, the PA 6.10 resin is based up to 62 percent on renewable resources.

Derived from castor oil, Rilsan® S PA 6.10 is based up to 62 percent on natural resources. Environmentally friendly, Rilsan® S by Arkema offers an exciting combination of performance benefits for a variety of markets and applications.


  • Partially biobased
  • High heat resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low water absorption / Dimensional stability
  • Excellent Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Low density
  • Weldability on all aliphatic polyamides, both short and long chain
  • Easy processing

Key applications


Monofilaments made of PA 6.10 offer a biobased alternative to the use of PA 6.12. Offering high technical performances, Rilsan® S monofilaments serve various markets. Its range of applications goes from bristles and brushes (high resilience and abrasion resistance) to industrial filter systems (specifically the paper cloth filter).


en=Rilsan S PA6.10 in monofilament applications|fr=Rilsan S PA6.10 dans des applications de monofilament

 Key benefits:

  • Wide range of viscosity
  • Softness to the touch
  • Low water absorption
  • Temperature resistance (Low and high temperatures)
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Long durability / Lifespan
  • Chemical & Oil resistance
  • Easy processing (More efficient production)


The specific combination of Rilsan® S properties is perfectly designed for adressing new automotive challenges.
Reinforced with glass fibers when it's needed, Arkema PA 6.10 is already approved by various OEM's to be used in quick connectors, sensors, cooling systems, ...

 en=Rilsan S PA6.10 in automotive quick connector applications|fr=Rilsan S PA6.10 dans applications de connecteurs automobile

 Key benefits:

  • Good processability
  • Both high stiffness & high impact resistance (even at low temperature)
  • Chemical resistance to automotive fluids
  • Low moisture uptake
  • Weldability on all aliphatic polyamides
  • Low density
  • Up to 62% bio-sourced

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
  • Consumer goods
  • General industry
    • Filaments
    • Industrial filters
    • Pneumatics


  • Brushes
  • Connectors
  • Hoses
  • Sports equipment

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