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Rilsan® HT

Rilsan® HT is a unique durable high-temperature thermoplastic which responds to the environmental commitment of the automotive industry.

Rilsan® HT is the first flexible, high-temperature polyphtalamide (PPA). This high performance thermoplastic has been specialy designed to replace metal and rubber in tubing for high temperature automotive and other demanding industrial applications


  • Flexibility – First flexible polyphthalamide
  • Excellent thermo-oxidative and chemical aging resistance at high temperatures
  • Integrity of mechanical properties at high temperatures
  • Lightweight
  • Easy processing on standard processing equipment
  • Low moisture uptake - resulting in exceptional dimensional stability (50% less humidity uptake compared to classical PPA)
  • Spin-weldable
  • Extrusion and injection-molding grades
  • Biobased - up to 70% bio-sourced and derived from renewable non-food-crop vegetable feedstock

Major applications

The revolutionary flexibility of Rilsan® HT offers a step-change in conventional thermoplastics and extends metal substitution to yet unimagined possibilities. Compared with metal assemblies, tubing made from Rilsan® HT lowers the overall system cost and ensures longer service life of engine components.

Rilsan® HT is a unique durable high-temperature thermoplastic. Largely derived from renewable non-food-crop vegetable feedstock, Rilsan® HT naturally intends to respond to the increasing environmental commitment of the automotive industry.

Aqueous Media Management / Cooling Lines


Rilsan® HT opens up new opportunities for thermoplastics high-temperature cooling lines. Thanks to its outstanding hydrolysis resistance at high temperature and overall excellent thermal resistance, Rilsan® HT is used to replace aluminum tubing and rubber hoses.

Rilsan® HT can be processed in smooth and corrugated tubing extrusion and thermoforming. Tubes in Rilsan® HT deliver superior weight reduction and system cost reduction. 

Aggressive Media Management / Blow-By

Rilsan®HT in blow-by

Rilsan® HT has become the reference material for high temperature aggressive media management applications under the hood.

With its unique chemical and thermal resistance, Rilsan® HT can replace aluminum tubing or high performance polyamides with heat shield. It can be used in temperature class up to 180°C, and processed by corrugated tubing extrusion and thermoforming. 

Air / Vacuum Management

Rilsan® HT - Vacuum tubing - EGR & Turbo Rilsan® HT is the material for aluminium replacement in high temperature air management applications. Used in vacuum control lines or turbocharged air systems, this flexible PPA offers an excellent depressure and leakage resistance, combined with chemical and thermal resistance. It can be used in temperature class up to 175°C, and processed by smooth tubing extrusion, thermoforming or extrusion blow molding. 

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
    • Under the hood
  • General industry


  • Blow by / Positive crankcase ventilation
  • Cooling / adblue / SCR
  • Cooling circuits
  • Oil management

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