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Pebax® Rnew

These elastomers have excellent properties: flexibility, UV and weathering resistance, easy processing, low density, cold impact, flex fatigue and thermal resistances.

Pebax® Rnew is the first bio-based TPE that does not compromise high performance. This elastomer combines a polyamide 11 rigid block (PA11) with an hydrophobic polyether soft chain. Bridging the gap between thermoplastics and rubbers, Pebax® Rnew offers a responsible solution for a wide range of applications. 


  • Biobased origin
  • Lightness
  • Best flexible fatigue performance
  • High Energy return
  • Good power transmission
  • Outstanding properties at low temperature
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Easy Processing

Major applications

Based on a long-experience of use in demanding applications, Pebax® Rnew is the right material to design high performance and biobased products. These renewable elastomers are perfectly suitables for a broad range of final
applications: high performing sport equipements, transport, ...

Sport & leisure

«Pebax®, the only polymer capable of affording light weight, impact resistance with thin parts and comfort, whatever the conditions of play may be».


Pebax® Rnew elastomers are widely recognized by sport & leisure professionnals for its outstanding properties. Indeed, these products are particulary well-designed for specificities of this sector and offer customizable solutions, to go beyond the limits of your creativity.

Pebax® Rnew range of products is particulary appreciated in sport & leisure applications for its :


  • Lowest weight (low density and mechanical strength at low thicknesses)
  • High Energy Return
  • High Flex Fatigue resistance for functional parts (repeated flexions)
  • Strong impact resistance
  • Resists to the distortions and the deformations
  • Consistency of the mechanical properties at Low Temperature and under varying relative humidity
  • Processability, easy to inject and overmolding for complex designs
  • Colouring
  • UV Resistance

Industrial equipements



We found Pebax® Rnew elastomers in many industrial equipments since their technical benefits perfectly suit to the high requirements of this sector:

  • Processability sharp design

  • High tensile strength

  • Flexibility

  • Fatigue resistance long life

  • Consistency of the mechanical properties at low temperature

  • High impact and thermal resistance

  • Weldability by heat melting of Pebax®

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
    • Transportation
  • Consumer goods
    • Fibers and non-woven
    • Perfumes
    • Sports and leisure
  • General industry
    • Power transmission


  • Conveyor belts
  • Fibers
  • Insect repellent device
  • Power transmission belt
  • Shock absorber
  • Ski shoes
  • Sports shoes

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