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Alternative to phosphates derivatives, Rheosolve™ Dxx range provides CaCO3 dispersion and scale inhibition to formulations for dishwashing, liquid laundry, cleaners and disinfectants. Rheosolve™ 4xx and 6xx allow the control of the rheological behavior (vertical surfaces, particle suspension), of scrubbing creams, oven/grill cleaners, wall/floor cleaners, toilet cleaners.
A large choice of PMMA Altuglas® resins exists for injection, extrusion and blow-molding. Their characteristics: exceptional optical properties and transparency, easy to machine and resistant (scratch, aging). And for more specifics needs: resistance (impact, gamma sterilization, chemical products), suitability for food contact and medical applications and UV filter. Innovation and high performance are PMMA Altuglas® resins’ standards.
You are looking for cast acrylic blocks? Altuglas® is the brand you need! Classics or specials, PMMA Altuglas® Blocks metamorphose in every environment where resistance and aestheticism are required. Monoblock form (thickness from 30 to 110 millimeters): the ease of use at brands’ service. Only one material to machine, simplified fabrication steps for a reduced maintenance (without collage). Discover the Altuglas® acrylic blocks range!
With its production site located at the heart of Europe's largest industrial pine forest, CECA is a major player in activated carbon made from renewable raw materials. CECA's activated carbon range, marketed under the trade names Acticarbone® and Anticromos®, is renowned the world over for its exceptionnaly constant top-rate performance.
CECA manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of powder activated carbons and granular activated carbon. CECA's Acticarbone® range covers the full spectrum of particle size, porosity and activity levels, allowing users to select optimum performance for any environmental application
Arkema Coating Resins produces a wide variety of functional additives for non-aqueous decorative and industrial coatings, sealants, and inks. Crayvallac® products include rheology modifiers, surface modifiers, and flow and leveling agents. Crayvallac® products are available around the globe.
The Adiansol® range contains polyether polyols with different functionalities. These products are based on glycerin, trimethylolpropane (TMP), propylene glycol or amines. The Adiansol® polyols are mainly used as crosslinkers and building blocks.
Mercaptans can be used for some intermediate synthesis in agrochemical and pharmaceutical markets. Sodium methyl mercaptide (SMM), éthyl mercaptan (EM) and tertio-butyl mercaptan (TBM) are used worldwide to produce intermediates entering for instance in terbufos or phorate agrochemicals. Arkema also produces Amines, Oxygenated Solvents and Hydrazine Hydrate that can be useful in synthesizing intermediates.
Albone® is formulated for general hydrogen peroxide applications. It is mostly used in the bleaching of paper pulp and of natural and synthetic textile fibers, chemical synthesis, as well as environmental applications such as wastewater treatment and gas treatment. It is also used in the mining and metal treatment industries.
Albone® is formulated for general hydrogen peroxide applications. It is mostly used in the bleaching of paper pulp and of natural and synthetic textile fibers, chemical synthesis, as well as environmental applications such as wastewater treatment and gas treatment. It is also used in the mining and metal treatment industries.
Alpure® is Arkema's sodium chlorate (NaClO3) products that offers optimum brightness for paper bleaching applications. It can also be used in chemical processes such as the production of sodium chlorite and perchlorate as well as weed control in agrocultural applications and ore treatment in mining industries.
Altuglas® sheet, balanced between performance and aestheticism, can be used as: signs, street furniture, showers, windows (construction and transportation). Combining beauty and transparency, lightness and resistance and offering an infinite range of colors and finishes, the product portfolio is wide and incredibly rich, for the greatest delight of architects, designers and manufacturers. This exceptional and innovative product gives place to imagination and creativity.
Our amines are used in the synthesis of resins or directly in the final paint formulation. They can be used as neutralising agents in waterborn paints or as anti-skin in alkyd paints. All products listed below are available from stock. Arkema is also developing amines per customer request (from first grams samples to hundred tons).
Our amine-based additives help to prevent corrosion in water systems (power plants, boilers...), metal working fluids or refineries. They can also act as neutralising agents or oxygen or hydrogen sulfide scavengers.
Arkema offers amines catalysts for the manufacture of molds in foundry by the « PU cold box » process. Those amines can be used alone or blended. Arkema conceived and patented specific products, Alpamine® F4520, F4620, F4680 that combine optimized efficiency and handling easiness to specifically address your needs.
Apolhya® products are the only soft polyolefin based thermoplastic materials that can withstand high temperatures : 150° C and higher for over 3,000 hours. Special grafting processes and chemistry produce polyamide-grafted polyolefins having a unique co-continuous structure that provides for breakthrough properties. The Apolhya® range of products is suitable to the full spectrum of processing conditions (film casting, calendar and blown extrusion, injection moulding, etc.)
AZDN (Azo-bis-isobutyronitrile) is a derivative of hydrazine used in various industrial sectors as a polymerization initiator (polyacrylamide, polyurethane, PMMA cast sheets) or as a blowing agent (foam composites). AZDN is proposed in two physical forms (powder or cocoon). Arkema is shipping AZDN in standard kraft drums. Please, consult the packaging brochure for further details. AZDN is REACH registered as reference nr. 01-2119488882-21-0000
Bactiram® are biocides developed to control bacteria growth in oil and gas production, processing, storage and transportation facilities, as well as in water systems specific to oil fields (produced water disposal systems and production, treatment and injection water systems). In particular, Bactiram® prevent corrosion, injectivity reduction, fouling and plugging problems due to the presence of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and thiosulfate reducing bacteria (TRB).
Altuglas® Rnew biopolymer resins, a biosourced PMMA with a lower carbon footprint. A new high performance alloys incorporating ≥ 25% biopolymers, polymers 100% produced from plant sugar. They offer performance advantages: excellent optical properties without the need for coating, high melt flow (suitable for low temperature converting, therefore resulting in a lower carbon footprint thanks to a lower energy consumption) and a very good chemical resistance.
The Altuglas® acrylic resins in this range are a specially developed grade for extrusion and co-extrusion. They come in standard, impact and speciality grades. Extrusion is a continuous thermo-mechanical process where a polymer is fluidized and forced through a die with the section of the finished part. A long piece of a flat or formed section is shaped (tube, pipe, shape, sheet, leaf, film).
The Altuglas® acrylic resins in this range are a specially developed grade for injection moulding. They come in standard, impact and speciality grades. Injection moulding is a technique used to mass-produce parts in large or very large batches. The plastic is fluidized with heat and then injected into a mould. Then it is cooled to set the part's final shape.
Calcium phosphite is a chemical product obtained from the production of sodium hypophosphite. Our grade is available upon solid form with an assay above 99%. Calcium phosphite is well appreciated as slow fertilizer and additive in concrete production.
Some Altuglas® resins are used for capstock applications. They offer several advantages for co-extruded* sheet: Class A appearance, rigidity, dimensional stability and resistance (to heat, UV rays, shock, scratches, chemicals). Optimised colour and texture properties for exceptionally glossy and long-lasting surfaces. Strike a balance with the ranges of available resins between the right texture and your application's specific characteristics. *(Recommended for coextrusion on many polymeric substrates: ABS, PC/ABS, HIPS, ASA, ASA/PC, PC, PVC)
Amazing Altuglas® fluos are a symphony of colours. Acrylic sheet that shines and illuminates night and day. Looking for an attention-grabber? Consider using these hot flashy fluorescent colours to give your creations a new kick! Cover the whole surface for a conventional look or be more subtle with a coloured yet subdued surface accented with a slice that really brings our the colour - the “Cast your fluos” line will really blow you away!
The cationic acrylic monomers marketed under the Adame®, Adamquat® and Madquat® brands are used as dispersants and flocculents in water treatment.
The Cecabase RT® range is the reference technology for the production of warm mix asphalt (WMA). Adding a liquid surfactant into the bitumen allows a temperature drop of the asphalt mix production and paving processes up to 40°C (70°F) in some circumstances, which turns into savings on the energy bill and lower GHG emissions. The additive Cecabase RT® also brings better workability and easier compaction of the mix, for instance for the addition of higher rates of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) or Shingles (RAS).
The effect of Cecabase® antistrips is spectacular: at very low dosages, these surfactants improve dramatically the coating of aggregates. Water sensitivity and adhesivity between asphalt and minerals are also much better. Cecabase® adhesion promoters are stable in bitumen and can be added at the plant or just before the application. Whatever the type of aggregates, there is an adapted product Cecabase®.
The Cecajel® range is the leading additive technology for thickening of all acid formulations used as scale removers for sanitary installations and industrial equipment as well as for rust removal operations. The Cecajel® range is easy to process (no heating, short dissolving), provides clear and stable gels and complies with the detergent regulation 648/2004.
CECA manufactures and markets a comprehensive range granular activated carbon. CECA's Cecarbon™ range covers the full spectrum of particle size, porosity and activity levels, allowing users to select optimum performance for any liquid phase purification.
Arkema's organization in Europe is happy to announce a new program to enhance coating performance for glass containers through a 3-step program. Certin™ Clear offers a new coating hood in combination with a new product, Certin™ Coat TC 101 Certin™ Precise is a new approach to cold-end coatings with new technology and the introduction of Certin™ Topcoat 201 Certin™ Proof and Certin™ T is a new technical service option to certify your glass coating technology from Arkema.
Certincoat® TC100 hot-end container glass coating is the worldwide standard for container glass coatings used in the beverage and food industry. Whether for returnable or one-way glass packaging, Certincoat® TC100 coating and the Certincoat® C-series and XE-series online coating hoods provide a complete solution for the beverage and food glass container industries.
Mercaptans (alone or blended) are commonly used as additives in the manufacturing process of several thermoplastics, elastomers or acrylic polymers. The use of mercaptans allows the control of the chain length during the synthesis leading to the expected and targeted mechanical and processing properties of the polymer.
With two diatomaceous earth production sites, CECA is Europe's leading kieselgur manufacturer. CECA owns its quarries and deposits, with sustainable diatomite reserves for several decades to come, and offers a comprehensive range of products marketed under the trade name Clarcel®.
Altuglas® est un produit superbe, transparent et durable… comme tout matériau de haute qualité, il faut l'entretenir avec des produits appropriés. Prenez soin de vos réalisations avec nos produits de nettoyage, de polissage conçus spécifiquement pour l'entretien et pour en préserver l'aspect. Le collage des plaques et des blocs Altuglas® donne d'excellents résultats et un rendu très esthétique. Les propriétés mécaniques obtenues dépendent de la colle utilisée.
Cleaning agent are commonly used in different industrial and do it yourself sectors. DEMSOLV™ or DMSO EVOL™ are powerful solvent able to dissolve several type of resins and organic compounds. Scaleva™ is the most efficient descaling agent without negative effect on the environment.
Satin, gloss paints as well as pigment pastes require specific solutions, Coadis™ line presents original chemical answers that combine development of superior optical properties, gloss and gloss retention, color strength, hiding power with great applications properties, good flow and levelling and storage stability.
Coapur™ is a wide and compatible range of polyurethane thickeners from Newtonian to pseudoplastic profiles, XS grades focus on tinting steps. Great application properties, flow and leveling and water resistance benefits of non ionic thickeners, less pH dependence and hydrophobicity
This Altuglas® acrylic sheet was specially developed to meet today's standards. The product line is all about protection! Fight off noise, UV rays, noxious chemicals, become food-contact compliant or improve the machining properties. These technical acrylic glasses maintain their amazing transparent and light-diffusing properties. The "Protect your final application" range ensures your creations will always come out perfectly.
We carry a range of odor control agents to eliminate gas odorant stench effectively.
The Dianol® range contains polyether polyols which provide improved adhesion and resistance to high temperatures and hydrolysis. The Dianol® polyols are mainly used as building blocks in polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resins. They are also used as reactive diluents in industrial paints. The main applications for the Dianol® polyols are paints, coatings, inks, composites and adhesives.
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is a highly polar and water miscible organic liquid, with an exceptionaly low level of toxicity. Arkema has developed a broad range of DMSO grades in order to meet customer- specific needs.
The Dinoram® surfactants are cationic rapid setting (CRS) emulsifiers for bitumen. They allow a reliable and flexible production of emulsion for tack coat, chip seal / surface dressing, and storable cold mixes. Dinoram® emulsifiers generally work at very low dosage with many types of asphalts.
In response to ever-increasing demands for improved soil fumigation solutions to replace methyl bromide, Arkema is introducing a new broad-spectrum fumigant. Already use around the globe for a variety of fruits and vegetables, DMDS has demonstrated consistent performance enabling marketable yields that are comparable to methyl bromide treatment at a distinctly lower cost to the grower. This technology is based on dimethyl disulfide (DMDS), a substance naturally present in the environment.
DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) is the most common compound used for hydrocracking catalysts sulfiding in refineries. DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) in petrochemical is injected continously at low rate in ethylene crackers. It prevents coke formation and mitigates CO formation. Arkema is worldwide leader for production and sales of dimethyl disulfide (DMDS).
A full range of polyacrylic dispersing agents focused on flat, matt to semi-gloss paints that allows high loading in fillers and oxyde pigments (TiO2, CaCO3, clay) as well as CaCO3 extenders less than 1 µm. They also enable stable formulations with easier dispersion process, longer shelf life, optimized optical efficiency for eco-friendly formulations.
Elium® is the first liquid thermoplastic resin designed for manufacturing composite parts with mechanical properties similar to thermosetting. The major advantage of Elium® is it acts like a thermoplastic, which means it is uniquely designed for thermoforming, recycling and welding.
The Emulsamine® range is dedicated to asphalt emulsions used in rapid setting applications (CRS) : surface dressing / chip seal, and tack coat. Emulsamine® emulsifiers are known for giving high adhesivity onto a large spectrum of aggregates, while ensuring good emulsification and emulsion stability. A fine-tuning of emulsion viscosity is possible by choosing the right Emulsamine® product.
The Ensoline® range is a range of hydrophobic solvents and slow-evaporating coalescing agents based on phenyl glycol ether used in several applications as: - solvents in cleaning product, lubricant and metalworking fluid formulations, and as - coalescing agents with high polymer solvency for coatings, inks and adhesives
The latest polycarboxylate ether (PCE), unique, proprietary technology of Coatex that allows a full control of polymer design and architecture. Technical features of Ethacryl™ are high water reduction, high solid content and high slump retention.
Evasin® ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) is an extrudable plastic barrier material with excellent barrier properties for oxygen and a variety of other gases and volatile products (flavor barrier). Arkema and its partner Chang Chun Petrochemicals have combined their efforts to develop high performance Evasin® EVOH grades and new applications in food packaging and agricultural sectors among others. Evasin® EVOH copolymers also has excellent chemical and oil resistance that enable it to be used as the fuel barrier layer in low emission fuel tanks for automobiles. Evasin® EVOH is the trade name of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), developed by Chang Chun Petrochemicals. Evasin® EVOH copolymers are composed of ethylene and vinyl alcohol. With the support of Arkema research and development knowledge as a tie layer producer, new grades are being developped that combine gas barrier properties, oil resistance, and transparency, and outstanding processability. Arkema offers a range of EVOH containing between 29% and 44% of ethylene. With their excellent gas barrier properties, Evasin® EVOH can be combined to Orevac® grafted polyolefins to be used as internal layer of multilayer structures in packaging and industrial applications. Evasin® EVOH copolymers also preserve flavours and aromas.
Evatane® resins are ethylene copolymers with a high vinyl acetate content (18% to 42%). Evatane® is more elastomeric than polyethylene, compatible with a wide range of polymers, and easy to process. Evatane® copolymers are used in many applications for many markets such as hotmelt adhesive, ink, wire and cable, automotive, encapsulant film for solar panel, packaging and road bitumen modification.
Diverse, unexpected, magical - the acrylic sheet in this range were developed so that everyone can be happy and, most importantly, find their colour! Discover the variety - with this Altuglas® sheet you get shine, selection and premium quality. Transparent and light-diffusing or totally opaque, pastels or tints, colourless or flashy - the choices are endless. Dive right in!
Altuglas International produit et commercialise les grands classiques des plaques extrudées (PMMA). Produites en procédé continu, elles répondent aux exigences de la norme ISO 7823.2-2003 en vigueur. La tolérance est maitrisée et les résultats sont exceptionnels.
Arkema's Flat Glass team is dedicated to the development of advanced coating technologies that improve the energy savings and performance of glass. Enjoy enhanced comfort without sacrificing flexibility in design. Certincoat® Low Emissivity coatings combine exceptional energy savings performance with the durability and ease of handling of clear glass.
CECA proposes a wide range of collectors with various chain lengths and polar heads used in flotation for minerals. They are commercialized under the tradenames Melioran®/Noram®/Noramac®/Cataflot®. These collectors are based on the following technologies: phosphate esters, fatty amines, fatty amine derivatives and cationic surfactant mixtures.
The Arkema Group is one of the world's top producers of fluorinated chemicals, including both refrigerants as well as foams, solvents and aerosols, under the brand Forane®. Arkema's refrigerants are used wherever cooling or freezing mechanisms are required, including appliances, automobiles, construction, food processing, industrial refrigeration and supermarkets.
The Arkema Group is one of the world's top producers of fluorinated chemicals, including refrigerants as well as foams, solvents and aerosols, under the brand Forane®. Forane® foams, solvents and aerosols are used for insulation in appliances and construction. As a leading fluorochemical producer with global reach, Arkema is committed to supporting its customers through technical development, competitive solutions, and production investments. Fundamental to this commitment is Arkema’s well-established strategy to bring next-generation, low GWP technology to its global markets.
Arkema offers worldwide a full range of gas odorant and related local services, for both natural gas (THT, Spotleak®) and LPG (Ethyl mercaptan, Vigileak®). We deliver in bulk, unloading gas odorant within close-loop to provide odor-free deliveries. We have also a large fleet of semi-bulk-containers and returnable drums. This packaging provides dry-break coupling to handle safely these odorant chemicals. Having a dedicated gas odorant R&D laboratory in Lacq (France), we also provide technical support.
Hiprolon® is a unique, wide and complementary range of medium and long-chain specialty polyamides. Most grades are completely or partially biobased and derived from castor oil. This products portfolio includes: Hiprolon® 70 (PA 6.10) and 90 (PA 6.12) to bridge the gap between short and long chain polyamides Hiprolon® 200 (PA 10.10) and 400 (PA 10.12) to complement the traditional offer in long-chain polyamides
Hydrazine hydrate is widely used as a reducing agent or an intermediate of synthesis in various industrial sectors like water treatment (effluents, industrial boilers), chemical treatment process (metals, mine extraction) or active ingredients synthesis (pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals). Hydrazine hydrate is marketed as a water-based solution at different hydrazine concentration. Arkema provides this material in a various range of packaging: bulk, IBC's and drums. Please, consult the packaging brochure for further details. Hydrazine Hydrate is REACH registered as reference nr.01-2119492624-31-0004
FEBEX has developped one grade of hypophosphorous acid with the possibility to adapt it to every customer requirements. Our grade is highly appreciated for its role of color stabilizer, antioxidant, chemical reducer and catalysts in various industries.
Impact range’s resins: an exceptional choc resistance combined with PMMA properties, for a higher-quality look compared to any other available impact resistant material. They offer an impact resistance from 2 to 15 times superior than standards products, keeping the optical performance (90 to 92% LT / 2% max haze), and PMMA weathering and ageing resistance. Thanks to a real know-how, this range also offers UV and heat resistance grades.
Do you need an higher impact product than the standard sheet? This sheet range will answer to your request. In addition to offer impact resistance, they provide improved mechanical properties, facilitating the thermoforming. Our latest innovation; Nanostructuring, a technology which allows to enter in the heart of the product to modify and reinforce its structure. "Impact the world", with resistant materials, maintaining lightness and transparency!
Mineral and organic scale formation poses a high risk for the oil industry and needs to be remediated to avoid disruption during production. Scale inhibitors as Inipol® act by disruption of nucleation and/or orderly crystal growth of the deposit being formed.
Jarylec® products are 100% synthetic “no PCB” dielectric fluids. These are used in capacitors and transformers designed for high voltage and thermal performances and comply with the international electrotechnical Commission standards.
Jarytherm® products are 100% synthetic, high quality, heat-transfer fluids. They offer high performance between -40 and 350°C in applications such as distillation, heating of boilers, heating and cooling of reactors or storage tanks. Jarytherm® fluids are commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical, plastics and rubber, pharmaceutical or fine and specialty chemicals industries.
Kercoat® coating is a proprietary wax emulsion concentrate for high performance returnable coating of glass containers. The wax emulsion is used to apply a lubricating protective coating on glass containers. Kercoat® coating provides long-lasting protection, scratch resistance and reduces scuffing of glass surfaces during filling and transportation.
Kynar® PVDF resin coatings offer long lasting performance in demanding architectural coating applications. Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resins are used by licensed industrial paint manufacturers in formulating hardy, long-lasting coatings.
Kynar® films provide the outstanding chemical and outdoor weather resistance of Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) in a convenient, easy-to-process film. These UV-blocking Kynar® films are available in transparent and pigmented grades. For many substrates, the Kynar® film grades that incorporate Arkema's exclusive Adheflon® adhesive require no additional adhesives or surface treatments.
Kynar® PVDF homopolymer is available in granule form for injection molding, transfer molding, compression molding, extrusion and blow molding. Powder grades are available for membrane casting, blending with other materials, powder coating and rotomolding. Flexible grades of Kynar Flex® PVDF copolymer are available for various melt-processing methods and in powder form for membrane casting, blending, compounding, powder coating and rotomolding.
Altuglas® Diffuse products offer that unique set of properties that led lighting designers have always wanted: better diffusion of intense led point light sources without surrendering significant light transmission.
Most solid fertilizers display a natural tendancy to form lumps or to cake during storage and transportation, to create dust or to pick up moisture. Whatever your constraints, the CECA Lilamin®/Fluidiram® ranges are tailor-made coating agents that successfully keep your fertilizers free-flowing, preventing caking, dusting and moisture uptake. Lilamin®/Fluidiram® products are available in liquid form or solid form (prills or flakes).
Lotader® terpolymers are reactive polyolefins and contain chemical functions such as maleic anhydride or epoxide (glycidyl methacrylate). They are widely used in extrusion coating and offer excellent adhesion on many supports, and are compatible with a large number of polymers and difficult substrates such as printed films. They are used in a large number of applications, such as coextrusion binders or tie layers in multilayer structures for the packaging industry, pipeline coatings, cables and hotmelt adhesives. Lotader® terpolymers are widely used as an impact modifier for the engineering of polymers such as polyamides and polyesters for the electronic and automotive sectors. With the scope to replace PVC, they can be used as coupling agents for HFFR compounds.
Lotryl® resins are suitable for many applications where an excellent thermal stability and good processability are required. Thanks to their outstanding adhesive properties and excellent compatibility with thermoplastics, Lotryl® copolymers are used as impact modifiers for engineering plastics (PET, PBT), base material for highly filled compounds (Wire & Cables, masterbatches), sealable layers and films in flexible packaging.
Sulfur compounds are commonly used as additives in lubricant formulations dedicated to metal Working Fluids (MWF) and other industrial and automotive lubricants. The broad extreme pressure additives products range with or without active sulfur (TPS®,VPS®, SPS® and esterol) allows you to fine tune your formulation properties without unsaturated compounds and fully chlorine free.
M Cure® reactive diluents and modifiers for 2K epoxy amine system have been specially designed to enhance the performance of two-part epoxy/amine cure systems. These products can be used as reactive diluents and modifiers for Bis A, Bis F, or novolac epoxy resins to assist the formulator in producing low VOC systems that meet specific application requirements in coatings, binders, adhesives, and sealants.
The medical sector demands superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. There are many specifications to meet safety and comfort requirements. Altuglas International offers technical solutions and develops highly effective innovative products. The Altuglas® Medical range provides resins with improved properties: excellent optical characteristics, gamma ray resistance, resistance to shock and UV rays, and high fluidity for complex shapes.
Once transformed into polymer, the MMA (methyl methacrylate) offers real benefits to manufacturers’ finished product: stability, durability, hardness, impact, scratch resistance and brilliance.
CECA molecular sieves help people live better by producing oxygen in respiratory care, protecting pharmaceuticals from moisture and facilitating cosmetic ingredients delivery.
Noramox® is the broad range of ethoxylated fatty amines from CECA based on natural feedstock and ethoxylation (EO) technology. The specific structures of Noramox® products : fatty chains from C12 to C18 EO adducts from 2 to 15 moles of EO amine group Lead to the following properties : emulsifying, dispersing, wetting and corrosion inhibition.
The additive Noroplast® is used for the manufacture of compounds for antistatic or colour masterbatches. It is also a wetting and dispersing agent for organic or mineral pigments and mineral fillers. The additive Noroplast® is used as internal antistatic agent for plastic materials such as polyolefinic polymers of polypropylene type, high density HD polyethylene and low density LD for the manufacture of films or moulding.
Arkema is a leading global producer of acrylic monomers. Thanks to their unique properties acrylic monomers improve every day life by making products last longer, allowing water based formulations wihout solvents and a cleaner environment.
Norust® are efficient corrosion inhibitors developped to protect oil and gas production installations against internal corrosion. This includes protection of water systems specific to oil fields (produced water disposal systems and production, treatment and injection waters facilities). Norust® offers an optimum corrosion inhibition whatever the fluid characteristics and field conditions: CO2 and/or H2S presence, low or high water salinity, top of line/gas phase corrosion, high temperature, high shear.
Oleris® is a 100% biobased range of chemicals, of vegetable and renewable origin (castor oil), in accordance with green chemistry principles. Oleris® products have high purity, are REACH registered, and GMO-free.
Celocor® opaque polymer is a highly efficient, voided latex product that improves hiding and whiteness in paints and coatings, and functions as a partial replacement for titanium dioxide (TiO2). Now you have more choices with a new product that offers important benefits, including excellent efficiency, wet and dry hiding performance comparable to competitive opacifiers, wide formulating latitude and excellent performance across a broad PVC range, and improved strength performance.
Altuglas® Optical resins are acrylic thermoplastics resins which have been developed for BLU and electronics company to meet quality requirements of flat screen display. Excellent optical properties and purity, exceptional weathering resistance, good surface hardness and easy processing! Make your choice.
Opticoat® glass coatings are a range of proprietary wax emulsion concentrates for use on returnable glass bottles. The wax emulsion is used to apply a masking coating on glass containers. Opticoat® coating masks scuffs in glass to renew the appearance of bottles beyond 50 fills. Opticoat® coating can be applied to labeled bottles and does not slow filling plant speed.
Orevac® resins are polyolefins (PE, PP, or EVA) modified with maleic anhydride. Due to their reactivity, they are used in multiple applications such as multilayer packaging, pipe coating, coupling agents, etc. Thanks to their adhesive power, Orevac® grafted polymers are used as tie layer in the production of multilayer barrier films. They can also be used as coupling agents in PP and HFFR compounds to improve mechanical properties of filled polyolefins compounds. Orevac® grafted polyolefins give excellent bonding strengh to EVOH barrier resins especially Evasin® ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers. Arkema offers both ready to use Orevac® thermoplastic adhesives and concentrates for dilution by customers.
Orgalloy® is a family of patented polyamide based thermoplastics alloys. Orgalloy® polyamide alloys combine the best properties of polyamides (mechanical strength, chemical and thermal resistances) with the benefits of polyolefins (easy processing, low moisture pick up).
Orgasol® is a range of ultra fine polyamide powders designed for industrial and cosmetics applications. Theses powders present both a spherical shape and an extremely narrow particle size distribution. The unique production process ensures that Orgasol® powders are very different than those of ground powders.
Oxo alcohols, mainly butanol and 2-ethyl hexanol, are used to make acrylic esters, formulate lubricants, diesel additives and in paint and varnish applications.
Oxygenated solvents are used, for example, in cosmetics, detergency, coating or chemical industries during synthesis or in formulation (diluant, coupling agent, etc.). They can also be used as technical additives for construction or mining. They are valued for their high solvent power and low toxicity. They can replace glycol ethers or chlorinated solvents.
Pebax® products are block copolymers (polyether block amide - PEBA) offering the best of performances (mechanical, chemical, processing) among the thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). The extraordinarily wide processing range of Pebax® products associated to its wide range of properties make them a material of choice for various applications: transport, power transmission, sport, fibers and non woven, medical, etc.
Perlite is a volcanic rock used as filter aids or functional additives
Peroxal® grades of hydrogen peroxide are 30%, 31%, 35%, 50%, 60% and 70% hydrogen peroxide solutions that are designed for specialty applications, such as electronic, personal care, cleaning and chemical process applications.
Peroxal® grades of hydrogen peroxide are 30%, 31%, 35%, 50%, 60% and 70% hydrogen peroxide solutions that are designed for specialty applications, such as electronic, personal care, cleaning and chemical process applications.
Peroxal® grades of hydrogen peroxide are 30%, 31%, 35%, 50%, 60% and 70% hydrogen peroxide solutions that are designed for specialty applications, such as electronic, personal care, cleaning and chemical process applications.
FEBEX manufactures mainly two grades of phosphine derivatives: THPS and THPC. Those products are highly appreciated in textile industry as flame retardant as well as in oilfield industry as biocide. FEBEX puts also lots of R&D efforts to create value added to its phosphine derivatives: improving properties or working on new phosphine derivatives.
Burning phosphorus through a well-controlled process, FEBEX manufactures a ultrapure phosphoric acid (H3PO4) in links with standards of food, pharmaceutical and electronic grades. We are also producer of cristallized phosphoric acid 99% as well as polyphosphoric and pyrophosphoric acid. FEBEX, specialist of the high purity, has specifically created two trademarks, Ultrabex™ and Superbex™, that are dedicated to the electronic industry requirements.
Platamid® Copolyamides are specialty thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives (HMA) tailored to deliver durable, versatile and solvent-free bonding. Platamid® holt melt adhesives are well-designed to adress the high demanding bonding challenges of various markets: textile interligning, technical textiles, construction, electronics and automotive.
Light up, diffuse, project, illuminate. The city is light and constantly on the move. See it night and day, a dynamic and completely bright space. The “Play with the light” line offers technical solutions any time you need to diffuse light. Signs, ultra-thin screens, backlighting, etc. Altuglas® acrylic sheet is optimised for better lighting!
Constantly looking for innovations, Plexiglas® resin offers the best commercial and technical solution in durable markets such as: automotive, medical devices, optical media, signage... Dimensional stability, weatherability, light transmission, low haze. Chemical resistance, toughness, formulation latitude, eases of processing. Water white appearance, color and effects acceptance, compatibility with additives and other plastics… That is the reason why you can trust in Plexiglas® resin quality.
Plexiglas® sheet, balanced between performance and aestheticism, can be used as: signs, street furniture, showers, windows (construction and transportation). Combining beauty and transparency, lightness and resistance and offering an infinite range of colors and finishes, the product portfolio is wide and incredibly rich, for the greatest delight of architects, designers and manufacturers. This exceptional and innovative product gives place to imagination and creativity.
Working closely with its American customers, Plexiglas® develop innovative technologies that give products a competitive edge, and help bring them to market faster: signs, POP, lighting… Because of their exceptional qualities (beauty and transparency, wheatherability, impact, UV and chemical resistance, lightness (2 x lighter than glass), and wide range of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and sizes), PMMA Plexiglas® sheet have been an industry standard since it was first introduced 75 years ago. Plexiglas® is the Arkema registered trademark commercialized by Altuglas International for acrylic sheet and resins in North, Central and Latin America (Altuglas® brand is for the rest of the world).
Service of mobile filters rental is designed by CECA for easier use of granular activated carbon. The modular unit filter is pre-filled and ready for immediate use on arrival at the customer's site. When the activated carbon is saturated CECA removes the filter for reactivation and replaces the entire filter with another pre filled filter
The Polyram® surfactants are cationic quick and slow-setting (CQS and CSS) emulsifiers for bitumen. They allow a reliable production of emulsions for slurry seal, microsurfacing, cold recycling and other cold mix applications. The specific formulations of the Polyram® emulsifiers give flexibility in terms of reactivity, breaking time, workability and curing.
Polystrand® materials combine high strength fibers and engineered thermoplastic resins to make Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (CFRTP). Polystrand® CFRTP materials are available in rolls of tape, X-ply® (0°/90°) and other multiply configurations which may be post-formed. The use of Polystrand® offers opportunities to reduce weight while maintaining exceptional strength and impact resistance. Impact and abrasion resistant panels for the rail and trucking industry, selective reinforcement of LFT (Long Fiber Thermoplastic) automotive components, air and sea cargo containers and selected construction applications are a few examples of the markets successfully utilizing Polystrand® materials today.
Polythiols are compounds with several mercaptans functions. They can be used in different applications such as the preparation of adhesives and sealants or as chain transfer agents. Polythiols may also be used as corrosion inhibitors or in cosmetics.
Arkema Coating Resins' Reafree® powder resins bring environmentally friendly technologies to the global marketplace. Looking to the future, our advancements are focused in the development of energy efficient powders - such as ULB and UV curing technology - that expand the use of powder coatings to new markets including wood and wood composites finishes, plastics, automotive coatings, and can and coil applications.
Prochinor® are demulsifiers and desalting additives used to separate water from crude oil and meet the BS&W and salinity specifications, as well as separated water quality requirements. Prochinor® demulsifiers offer an optimum treatment of emulsions whatever the crude oil characteristics and process conditions: paraffinic, asphaltenic and naphtenic crudes and low temperature, short processing and short storage times. Prochinor® product range include other additives involved in water/crude oil separation too: defoamers, flocculants and paraffin dispersants/inhibitors.
CECA offers a comprehensive package of services for its customers in accordance with stringent safety procedures: carbon handling (filters loading, start up and unloading), spent carbon reactivation and customer assistance in administrative procedures related to the shipment of spent activated carbon.
Coatex proposes a toolbox of dedicated additives focused on the needs of the construction industry. Rhealis™ 100 is dedicated to vibrocompacting concrete whereas Rhealis™ DFOAM is the perfect defoamer for your Ethacryl™.
Rheocarb™ a complete range for formulation and coating costs reduction at constant gloss thanks to less binder and cheaper pigments. They provide an improvement of runnability, higher solids content coating, good water retention and low elasticity at medium levels of Brookfield viscosity. Used for coated paper quality, higher brightness and gloss, smoothness. They comply with food contact regulation.
Rheocoat™ is a range of alkali swellable rheology modifiers (ASE and HASE) focused on water retention improvement and coating color’s solids stabilization. They work on blade load control and coating defects treatment: bleeding, misting, orange peel, jet instability. They comply with food contact, paper and board regulations.
Rheosperse™ additives are key enablers that help you maximize the efficiency of your process. Our core expertise being the comprehension of water and minerals interface, we adapt our polymers to each type of minerals. Several products designed for kaolin, titanium dioxide and talc.
A full range of HASE type rheology modifiers with key advantages at formulation: ease of use and low dosage, at storage, in can appearance, syneresis control and optimum results with tinting systems and during application, improved flow and leveling, spatter resistance and film build. They offer an excellent alternative to HEC thickeners.
For over 40 years, Rilsamid® polyamide 12 fulfills the highest standards thanks to its unique combination of physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Rilsamid® PA12 is particulary well suited for different processing technologies: extrusion, injection, blow-moulding processes, etc... Due to versatility and outstanding properties, Rilsamid® meets the quality requirements of a wide range of markets. Arkema's PA12 products are used in automotive, electric and electronic, industrial and sport applications.
Rilsan® is a range of specialty polyamides derived a natural raw material (castor oil), through a unique process and chemistry. Rilsan® high-performance polymers have been a trusted source of performance in highly demanding applications for nearly 60 years. These renewable high performance resins find application in oil & gas, automotive, sport, electronics, and many more markets. Arkema also offers grades with specific approvals for medical and food packaging applications.
Rilsan® Fine Powders are unique and durable thermoplastic Polyamide powders, developed for metal coating more than 40 years ago. Rilsan® polyamide is produced from a renewable natural raw material, the ricinus communis (castor oil) plant, which grows in tropical regions. Rilsan® coating is a proven surface protection given its excellent chemical and mechanical properties. It can also be used as an additive in paints, as well as in the laser sintering process and in composites.
Sarbio® product range allows formulators to combine high technical performance requirements along with environmental friendliness. With this large offering of acrylates and methacrylates based on renewable raw materials, Sartomer demonstrates its support to customers whose aim is to develop new formulations with improved carbon footprints. End-users can develop new systems with increased BioRenewable Carbon Content (BRC).
Sartomer offers Sarbox® specialty oligomers in the form of aromatic acid methacrylate half ester and aromatic acid acrylate half ester blends in solvent or monomer. These oligomers have a high degree of carboxyl, anhydride, and ester-reactive functional groups that provide versatility in curing. They offer improved performance in many applications. Potential application areas include: electronics, plate and etch resists, solder masks, coatings, inks, adhesives, and plastisols.
Sartomer offers a number of liquid acrylic coagents with varying functionalities for use in peroxide curing of elastomers. Peroxide curing of elastomers is an alternative to sulfur vulcanization that offers superior heat-aged performance. Saret® coagents are available as proprietary mixtures with radical-scavenging retarders that provide prolonged scorch safety, while maintaining cure rate and increasing crosslink density.
CECA molecular sieves are specially designed to provide maximum performance in industrial gases production.
CECA molecular sieves are efficient moisture scavengers, which protect the air conditioning units or the refrigeration units from the damages of moisture.
CECA has developped a range of Siliporite® molecular sieves for the automotive markets to keep damaging moisture away from fluids: Air drying for the air brake systems in buses and trucks and refrigerant drying in automotive air conditioning systems.
CECA has designed solutions for the drying and purification of petroleum, petrochemical and gas fractions and for the separation of xylene and paraffins isomers.
Sodium hypophosphite (NaH2PO2) is a chemical reducer obtained from the reaction of phosphorus with lime and caustic soda. It is mainly used for electroless nickel plating applications, flame-retardant in plastics as well as catalysts in fiber-glass industry. FEBEX manufactures 3 grades to answer all the requirements of our customers from the hard disk industry to the general metal finishing industry: Sofibex™, Sofibex™ HD, Sofibex™ China.
Solarkote® acrylic capstock resins were developed to provide high quality resin finishes for capped applications which maintain flexibility, durability over time, UV protection and have a wide versatility in use. Solarkote® coatings provide protection and aesthetic finishes in a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial applications.
Arkema offers formulators a comprehensive range of solventborne resins, including Chempol®, Crayamid®, Gelkyd®, Realkyd®, Synocryl®, Synocure®, Synolac®and Unithane®. Our solventborne resins are used in a wide range of applications, including coatings, inks, thermoplastic polyurethanes and foams.
Sartomer has one of the broadest ranges of acrylate monomers, oligomers, and specialty acrylates available. These products use ultraviolet energy, electron beam, and Michael addition cure technologies to produce high performance coatings, inks, and adhesives for many consumer and industrial applications. Sartomer is the leader in innovation – designing new molecules to advance the utility of products for these markets.
Arkema produces alkylamines (polyamines, alkylalcanolamines, etc). For example, they can be used as cataysts for resins or co-monomers or acid scavengers. Those amines, with their various characteristics, are used by many players in the coatings, adhesives and cosmetics industries. All products listed below are available from stock. Arkema is also developing amines per customers request (from first grams samples to hundred tons).
Arkema produces alkylamines, polyamines, asymetrical secondary amines and alkylalcanolamines. They are mainly used in building blocks or acid scavengers for chemical synthesis. Those amines with their various characteristics, are used by many players, especially in pharmaceutical industry and fine chemistry.
Sartomer offers a wide range of methacrylate monomers and oligomers. Methacrylate monomers are used in applications ranging from chemical intermediates to adhesives and sealants to elastomers and more. In addition to diluency, these monomers impart a variety of key performance characteristics, including heat resistance, chemical resistance, and adhesion. Methacrylated oligomers provide hardness, chemical resistance, and other properties critical to coatings and adhesives.
In response to growing demand, Altuglas International has developed a wide range of clear and colored specialty acrylic resins for more stringent applications. Very specifics characteristics have been improved depending on your needs: heat, chemical, or gamma radiations resistance. Better mechanical or anti-scratching properties and surface hardness… The Specialty range of Altuglas® resins: every challenge has a solution!
Looking to perk up your projects? This range's Altuglas® acrylic glass has everything you need. Sparkling, shiny, magical – it creates a one-of-a-kind space with lightweight acrylic glass! One side or both sides, a mirrored reflection or go for a metallic and futuristic look. Not to mention new sheet that reveals a colour when you laser-engrave it! Write, draw, amaze with this "Spice up your project" range.
Stabiram® bitumen emulsifiers are based on quarternary ammonium salts of fatty amines. They provide a high emulsion stability, for instance to pass the cement test (for CSS-1h). They are perfectly suited for quick and slow-set applications like recycling, impregnation, penetration and slurry seal.
Non impact-modified resins exhibit numerous properties that make them the industry standard. These grades allow great optical performances (92%LT/0.5% haze), ensuring crystal sparkle and brilliance even at high thickness. Its outstanding resistance proprieties to mechanical damage and discoloration by UV rays provide an unsurpassed surface hardness (Rockwell M-Scale) and allow an higher heat resistance than impact grades. Whatever the process, injection or extrusion, you can choose the most adapted grade in our wide standard range offer.
Arkema's sulfonyls range includes MSA (methane sulfonic acid) and MSC (methane sulfonic chloride) with various grades adapted to customer's applications. MSA (methane sulfonic acid) is able to produce higher rates, higher quality, lower color product, and is biodegradable. MSA has no toxic fumes, has low toxicity to aquatic life, contains no phenol and completely miscible in water. Arkema's MSC (methane sulfonyl chloride), CH3SO2Cl is a versatile, reactive chemical used in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, photographic. It is also commonly known as mesyl chloride.
The CECA nonionic surfactant range Surfaline® is dedicated to all types of industrial formulations where the following properties are required : - detergent - wetting - dispersing - emulsifying - solubilizing - foam control. These are key properties in many industrial sectors such as homecare, I&I cleaning, emulsion polymerization, lubricants and metalworking fluids, textile auxiliaries, paper treatment, etc.
Tegoglas® cold-end container glass coatings are a range of proprietary wax emulsion concentrates for high performance coatings of glass containers. The wax emulsion forms a lubricating and protective coating on glass containers. Tegoglas® cold-end coatings provide long-lasting protection for both dry and wet filling processes. Using Tegoglas® cold end coatings will help improve scratch resistance and reduce glass fractures and scuffing during filling and transportation.
The ceramics application can be compared to the generic minerals application. Our knowledge in this field has led us to design a large range of products specific to the ceramics industry. Our water-soluble dispersants provide both a high dispersing power for clays, especially in plate or sanitary production and outstanding grinding efficiency for slurries, especially for tiles.
Based on the same principle with composition and molecular weight adjustements, TH products are used in a wide variety of cases such as boilers particularly for sugar industry, potable water production by reverse osmosis from sea water, cooling towers or water dessalination.
Thioacetic Acid (TAA, CAS 507-09-5) is an organosulfur compound with the chemical formula CH3COSH, easily recognizable by its stringent odour. TAA is mainly used as raw material in fine chemistry and polymer applications. The TAA is the only available thioacid used for the preparation of thioesters or mercaptans. These thioesters and mercaptans obtained from TAA are widely used for the preparation of drugs, pesticides, fragrances and flavors, metal cleaners and metal scavengers, lachrymator material and tyres additives.
Arkema is the largest producer worldwide of thioglycolic acid (TGA) and 2-ethylhexyl thioglycolate (EHTG). Thioglycolic acid (TGA) was first developed in the early 1940s as an active material for cold wave permanents and depilatories.
Coating colors formulations contain different minerals from various size and their dispersion must remain stable. This stability leads to cost reduction, flexibility (easy switch between two different paper grades) and viscosity fine tuning.
Creating contact means creating a bond. People come closer, they are intrigued - you can't help but touch the "Touch the effect" range. A soft and sensual feel with beautiful matte surfaces. Create the element of surprise with a uniquely different material for a guaranteed effect. The light is diffused and transformed and the colours intensified!
Triazole are mainly used as intermediates for the synthesis of active ingredients in agrochemicals (fungicides, herbicides) and pharmaceuticals. Some grades are also used in chemical composition to improve the purity level of components in the electronic sector. Arkema is marketing its triazole range in antistatic big bags and drums.
Valsterane® grades of hydrogen peroxide are 35% or 50% hydrogen peroxide solutions that are high purity and specifically designed for food applications, such as food bleaching, aseptic packaging and other types of food processes.
Valsterane® grades of hydrogen peroxide are 35% or 50% hydrogen peroxide solutions that are high purity and specifically designed for food applications, such as food bleaching, aseptic packaging and other types of food processes.
Valsterane® grades of hydrogen peroxide are 35% or 50% hydrogen peroxide solutions that are high purity and specifically designed for food applications, such as food bleaching, aseptic packaging and other types of food processes.
Arkema offers formulators a comprehensive range of waterborne emulsions, including Encor®, Neocar®, Synaqua® and SNAP® brand products. EnVia® Certified Emulsions are designed to assist formulators in meeting their sustainability and regulatory goals in finished products. Products in our waterborne lines are used for coating, adhesive, construction, sealant, nonwoven, textile, leather and graphic art applications.