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Automotive and transportation: meeting the requirements of a rapidly changing market

The Arkema group supports the automotive and transportation industries in meeting the challenge of reducing CO2, emissions. To contribute to transportation which is increasingly reliable and respectful of the environment, the Group provides equipment manufacturers and car makers with a complete range of innovative products.

The Arkema group supports the automotive and transportation players to help them respond to the constant changes in this market. It designs innovative solutions for them and with them which enable the market players to lower their production costs and lighten the weight of vehicles. The parts based on its solutions must comply with increasingly stringent requirements in terms of safety, fuel economy and vehicle life cycle management.

Rilsan® HT: “plants” under the hood!

rilsan-ht-tubesRilsan® HT is the first flexible, high-temperature thermoplastic capable of replacing metal or rubber in automobile applications under the hood. This high performance polyphtalamide contains up to 70% renewable carbon. Six times lighter than steel and three times lighter than aluminium, it contributes to lightening the weight of vehicles and reducing fuel consumption. In this way, Rilsan® HT responds to the needs of industrial companies seeking cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Innovative products for all applications

The products and materials of the Arkema group provide customized solutions for a variety of automotive applications:

Polyamide 10 (Hiprolon®), polyamide 11 (Rilsan®and Rilsan® Fine Powders) and polyamide 12 (Rilsamid®) are used to manufacture technical parts for both cars and trucks, and offer a high level of thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. They are used for transmission, opening mechanisms and noise dampening, fuel lines and fluid flows (braking, clutch system, cooling).

  • Platamid® copolyamide hot melt adhesives are used for durable adhesion of automotive interior laminates and textiles.
  • Forane® refrigerants  are used for the operation of  automotive air conditioning systems.  
  • Luperox® organic peroxides are used for the production of raw materials found in automotive parts such as hoses, belts, gaskets, o-rings and vehicle body panels.

PMMA, which is lighter than glass, is extensively used for automotive tail lights.

Altuglas® PMMA - the market reference

Better known as acrylic glass, PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is the reference material for the automotive industry. Altuglas® is produced by the Arkema group and presents many properties such as UV and scratch resistance, optical quality, rigidity, lightness and dimensional stability. Thanks to these qualities, it is used in a wide range of automotive applications such as tail lights for cars, body panels, decorative parts, hubcaps, etc.

Recently, Altuglas International, a subsidiary of the Arkema group, developed Altuglas® ShieldUp a nanostructured PMMA which is highly resistant to impacts, twice as light as glass and perfectly transparent. As a result of this combination of properties, Altuglas® ShieldUp is able to respond to various needs, for example, panorama roofs and side windows in the automotive industry, always on the lookout for lighter and more resistant materials.

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