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Research centers close to manufacturing plants and markets

Arkema pursues its innovation projects through its thirteen research and development centers worldwide, all based close to the Group’s manufacturing plants, markets and customers.

Each of the thirteen R&D centers of the Group specializes in particular fields, but all are dedicated to developing new products and processes.


Serving the Business Units and Arkema's customers, these thirteen centers are strategically located across the globe, near production hubs and markets:

  • 7 centers in France,
  • 3 in the United States,
  • 1 in Japan,
  • 2 in China.

In 2013, Arkema opens its tenth R&D center, on its Changshu platform in China

Thirteen research and development centers

  • CERDATO (Serquigny, France)
    The CERDATO Research and Development Center is dedicated to development and innovation in the field of engineered polymers.
    > Learn more about the CERDATO (in French)


  • CRRA (Pierre-Bénite, France)
    The Rhône-Alpes Research Center (CRRA) focuses on catalysis and processes for industrial chemicals (fluorinated and oxygenated compounds) and vinyls. It also provides customer support for these products.
    > Learn more about the CRRA (in French)


  • GRL (Lacq, France)
    The Lacq Research Group (GRL) is in charge of design and development of adsorbents, sulfur derivatives and nanostructured materials.
    > Learn more about the GRL (in French)


  • CRDE (Carling/Saint-Avold, France)
    The Eastern France R&D Center (CRDE) works on the chemistry of acrylics. It is developing new processes for the water treatment and corrosion sectors.
    > Learn more about the CRDE (in French)


  • CRO (Verneuil en Halatte, France)
    The Oise Research Center (CRO) is dedicated to alkyd resins and emulsions.
    > Learn more about the CRO (in French)


  • Coatex (Genay, France)
    The R&D center of Arkema group subsidiary Coatex focuses primarily on the rheology additives of water-based formulations for the mineral processing, paint, paper and other industries.
    > Learn more about Coatex (in French)


  • Bostik (Venette, France)
    Called a "Smart Technology Center", the Center (based in the Oise region of France) seeks to develop Bostik's comprehensive expertise and know-how in hotmelt applications and in glues with flexible properties. The Venette Center draws on the synergy of local players, who specialize in the field of green chemistry.
    > Learn more about Bostik

  • Cary R&D center (USA)
    The Cary R&D Center in North Carolina is in charge of developments and innovations in coating resins.
    > Learn more about Cary


  • Bostik (Milwaukee, USA)
    The Bostik hub in Wisconsin places innovation at the heart of its research and focuses on new-generation adhesives.
    > Learn more about Bostik

  • KOP (Philadelphia, USA)
    The King of Prussia R&D center focuses on performance products and industrial chemicals for the American market.
    > Learn more about King of Prussia


  • KTC (Kyoto, Japon)
    The Kyoto Technical Center (KTC) is the polymer application and technical support center for Asia.
    > Learn more about the KTC


  • Bostik (Shangai, China)
    With Milwaukee and Venette, Shanghai is Bostik's third center of excellence dedicated to research into smart adhesives.
    > Learn more about Bostik

  • CRDC (Changshu, China)
    The Changshu Research and Development Center (CRDC) works on applications for performance polymers and on process development for the Arkema group’s plants in Asia.
    > Learn more about the CRDC