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The strategic importance of intellectual property

For the Arkema group, filing patents and registering trademarks are vital measures for protecting its innovations, ensuring future growth in its activities and enabling technology transfers to other countries.

Securing patent protection for its innovations has strategic importance for the Arkema group. Every year, the Group applies for patents on nearly 150 innovations, which concern:

  • new chemicals and their formulas,
  • high-performance engineering materials,
  • synthesis and manufacturing processes,
  • new applications for the Group’s products.

Key figures

  • Ranked among the 100 Top Global Innovators by Thomson Reuters in 2012
  • 16th by the number of patent applications filed with the French Patents Office (INPI) in 2011
  • 150 families of patents filed each year
  • A portfolio of more than 9,000 patents

Patent protection

The Group protects its innovations with patents in its main markets, namely, Europe, North America, China, Japan, South Korea, India and South America.

In recent years, the sustainable development sector has proven the most dynamic, particularly in the areas of bio-based polymers and materials for the photovoltaic sector.

A patent helps to secure the freedom to exploit an innovation commercially. That freedom is especially valuable in chemicals, a sector in which the decision to launch industrial production of a new substance can entail costly infrastructure and investments.
Catherine Lhoste, Intellectual Property Director, Arkema group

Global trademarks

The Group pursues a dynamic trademark registration policy with the support of a global network of intellectual property attorneys.

Today, the Arkema group portfolio includes numerous trademarks  that are regarded as global benchmarks, such as Kynar®Forane®Pebax®Rilsan®Altuglas® ou Plexiglas®

The Group’s latest innovations, Apolhya® et Reverlink™ are also registered trademarks.


The Arkema group also leverages acquisitions and sales of patent licenses to meet the needs of its operations.


In some cases, the Group grants licenses on its patents and negotiates the technology transfers needed for the design and construction of facilities that deploy its processes. The Group also proposes technical support agreements in specific areas of expertise.


Recently, patent license agreements have been signed in the fields of technical polymers and sequenced polymers.

licensing illustration