V.I.E program

International experience

Arkema offers « VIE » (volunteers for international experience) placements to young graduates from EU countries up to the age of 28. The duration of these placements abroad lasts between six and twenty-four months, and essentially concern our Plant Operation / Production, R&D, QHSE and Business-related activities. Every year, ten or so young graduates complete a VIE placement within the Group: in Japan, China, the United States, etc.

Training focused on complementarity

For a VIE candidate, this is an opportunity to gain an original experience abroad in a position of responsibility, and expand your horizon on a global scale. In order to carry through your project, you will be required to work with professionals from another culture.

As a result of their « international » knowledge of the Company, VIE candidates are particularly well placed for recruitment opportunities on completion of their foreign posting.

Arkema’s main V.I.E. placement sites

Research centers 

  • Arkema Inc., King of Prussia, Philadelphia (U.S.)
  • Arkema Japan, Kyoto


Country headquarters

  • Arkema Inc., Philadelphia (U.S.)
  • Arkema China, Shanghai
  • Arkema Japan, Tokyo
  • Arkema Mexico, Mexico City

The recruiting process for V.I.E. placements

Because Arkema considers V.I.E. participants to be fully-fledged employees, the recruitment process is the same as for permanent positions.

Related job opportunities

2014-4929 - Responsable Réglementation Produits H/F

Health / Environment / Safety/Environment / Product Safety

2014-4928 - Process Owner Délégué Comptabilité H/F

Accounting / Finance/Accounting

2014-4921 - Responsable Services Techniques H/F

Plant Maintenance/General Maintenance Responsibilities

2014-4915 - Juriste Département Marques / Propriété Intellectuelle Junior H/F

Legal /Other

2014-4898 - Stage - Contrôle de Gestion Usine H/F

Accounting / Finance/Cost Accounting

2014-4857 - aide chimiste H/F

Health / Environment / Safety/Quality

2014-4931 - Contrôleur de Gestion Financier H/F

Accounting / Finance/Cost Accounting

2014-4900 - Stage - Etude de Marché Minerai Spath Fluor H/F

Project Technology/Projects

2014-4867 - Ingénieur Procédés PMMA H/F

Engineering/Manufacturing/Operations/Engineering (Process, Maintenance/Reliability)

2014-4925 - Stage - Développement d'un liant de haute performance pour batteries lithium ion H/F

Research and Development/Application / Development

2014-4891 - Stage Master Data Management H/F

Purchasing/Raw Material Purchasing

2014-4924 - Ingénieur Procédés Junior H/F

Engineering/Manufacturing/Operations/Engineering (Process, Maintenance/Reliability)

2014-4922 - Contrôleur de Gestion Junior H/F

Accounting / Finance/Cost Accounting

2014-4920 - Stage - Ingénieur procédés H/F

Engineering/Manufacturing/Operations/Engineering (Process, Maintenance/Reliability)

2014-4918 - Stage - Réglementation Séisme H/F

Health / Environment / Safety/Health / Industrial Safety

2014-4919 - Stage - Etude de Dangers & Réglementation Seveso 3 H/F

Health / Environment / Safety/Health / Industrial Safety

2014-4917 - Stage - (Méth)acrylates Réticulables Fonctionnalisés H/F

Research and Development/Research