Ph.D. graduates / postdocs

Innovation is at the heart of the Arkema Group’s development strategy. Hence research is paramount at Arkema as it enables us to shape the future while remaining at the forefront of our markets. Therefore every year Arkema invites young engineers to complete a thesis, in partnership with academic laboratories, in a field related to our major businesses.

Our partners

Arkema has established special relations with the world’s most prestigious laboratories and universities. Our long-term partnerships are based on achieving tangible results.

Applicant Profile

We are looking for engineering school and university graduates with a research master’s degree.

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2014-4805 - Responsable Services Techniques H/F

Plant Maintenance/General Maintenance Responsibilities

2014-4802 - Médecin du Travail H/F

Medical Services/Occupational Health

2014-4799 - Responsable Comptabilité Gestion H/F

Accounting / Finance/General Financial Responsibilities

2014-4795 - Responsable Prix de Transfert H/F

Accounting / Finance/Financial Control Treasury

2014-4788 - Responsable Services Techniques H/F

Plant Maintenance/General Maintenance Responsibilities

2014-4778 - Responsable Relations Sociales France H/F

Human Resources/Labor Relations / Industrial Relations

2014-4772 - Responsable Pôle Fiabilisation / Méthodes / Instrumentation H/F

Plant Maintenance/General Maintenance Responsibilities

2014-4724 - Inspecteur technique H/F

Health / Environment / Safety/Inspection

2014-4683 - CDD - Ingénieur Polymérisation Radicalaire H/F

Research and Development/Research

2014-4624 - PMMA Resins Market Development Manager

Sales / Marketing/Business Management

2014-4614 - Responsable Bureau d'Etudes / Travaux Neufs H/F

Plant Maintenance/Maintenance Studies Renov

2014-4787 - Technicien(ne) Logistique H/F

Logistics / Supply Chain / Customer Service/General Logistics Responsibilities


Engineering/Manufacturing/Operations/Production / Operations

2014-4819 - Technicien informatique industrielle H/F

Plant Maintenance/Industrial IT Maintenance


Engineering/Manufacturing/Operations/Production / Operations

2014-4735 - Projeteur études générales

Plant Maintenance/Maintenance Studies Renov

2013-4483 - Superviseur Mécanique Maintenance Générale H/F

Plant Maintenance/Realization and Methods

2014-4792 - Technicien ELRG en alternance (H/F)

Plant Maintenance/Electrical / Instrumentation Maintenance

2014-4806 - Technicien Bureau d'Etudes en alternance (H/F) H/F

Plant Maintenance/Electrical / Instrumentation Maintenance

2014-4740 - Account Manager - Functional Polymers W/M

Sales / Marketing/Strategy