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Recruiting process

The recruiting process entails six main stages.

1. Submit your resume

All candidates are asked to send in a resume and a cover letter, whether applying for a specific vacancy  or sending in an unsollicited job application via this website.

2. Telephone screening

If your resume matches one of our vacancies, a recruitment officer will contact you by telephone. This initial contact will enable us to have a clearer idea of your career aspirations.

3. Interview with human resources

You will then be interviewed by a representative of the Human Resources department. The interview is intended to check the overall fit between your profile and career aspirations and the position and opportunities for career development we can offer you.

4. Interview with operational managers

You will then meet your future work colleagues: operational manager, manager of your host unit, and your immediate line manager. Their role is to check whether you have the required technical skills for the position and whether you will fit in well within your future team.

5. Hiring decision

The decision to hire a job applicant is made by the operational managers who have interviewed the shortlisted applicants, in liaison with Human Resources who will then make a job offer to the selected applicant.

6. Joining the Group

Administrative matters will be handled by the Human Resources department at your host unit, who is available to help or advise you after you have joined the Group.

Following a few weeks’ training in your new job, you will attend an orientation and induction seminar held for all of our new hires, regardless of their profession.


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