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Bolt-on acquisitions

Arkema has been pursuing a particularly ambitious bolt-on acquisitions program since 2007. These acquisitions have enabled the Group to reposition itself firmly in high performance materials, rebalance its global presence, and rank among world leaders in its main product lines.

With the acquisition of Den Braven in 2016, the acquisition of Bostik in 2015 and the creation of Sunke in 2014 (in partnership with Jurong Chemical, China’s leader in acrylic acid), the Group continues its program to acquire high-potential companies.

A growth policy based on five cornerstones

  • Refocusing on specialty chemicals

Arkema concentrates its investments on companies or technical segments producing very high added value materials. The acquisition of these new manufacturing capacities complements the existing production plants in Europe and the United States.


  • Strengthening worldwide presence

The various acquisitions completed have altered the Group’s geographic footprint. By targeting some of its acquisitions to balance its global presence, Arkema has enhanced its foothold as closely as possible to emerging markets. The Group has broadened its business portfolio and seized new growth opportunities, in particular in Asia in the acrylics and polyamides markets.

In 2016, Europe accounted for 36% of the Group’s sales, North America 34%, and Asia and the rest of the world 30%. Eventually, Arkema’s objective is for each of these three regions to account for a roughly similar weight.

  • Accelerating technological innovation

Thanks to targeted acquisitions, Arkema can industrialize its R&D projects in a shorter timescale and sharpen its expertise in particularly buoyant sectors like electronics, biosourced materials, and water treatment.


  • Stabilizing financial performance

Arkema focuses on specialty products whose performance is less affected by the ups and downs of the economy (e.g. the adhesives market, which is particularly stable). The objective is to minimize the cyclicality of the business portfolio and hedge against economic jolts in certain business activities.


  • Becoming a leader in target activities
  • The Group only invests in a business activity if it is able to gain a significant market share. This acquisitions policy enables the Group to achieve the desired critical mass in the chosen specialties.

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