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CECA, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group, is a world player in surfactants, adsorption and filtration agents, and functional polymers.

Drawing on its 80 year expertise, CECA develops high added value product lines and offers services designed to improve its customers’ performance.

Accordingly, CECA’s expertise relies on its innovation capacity and on a deep knowledge of the specific features and needs of its markets. CECA’s constant quest for customer satisfaction is also based on the competence, commitment and responsiveness of its teams.

CECA is present in over 100 countries and operates an extensive network of industrial facilities in Europe together with three research centers in France:

  • Groupement de recherche in Lacq, France (GRL),
  • Centre de recherche Rhône-Alpes, France (CRRA),
  • Centre de recherche, développement, applications et technique de l’ouest (Cerdato).

Seven product families

The functionnal specialties and services of CECA are used in the manufacturing processes of most major industrial sectors. They can be categorized into seven main families:

  • Bitumen additives ensure long-term protection of the bond between asphalt and granulate. They are used for cold or hot processes, for building new roads and for maintenance,
  • The high added value phosphorous derivatives produced by Febex, a subsidiary of CECA, are world-renowned,
  • Oilfield chemicals increase the productivity of the production sites by limiting bacterial growth, corrosion and deposits,
  • Activated carbons, diatomaceous, earth and perlites are commonly used to filter, purify, discolor or deodorize liquids,
  • Molecular sieves are used in the manufacturing processes of a wide range of industries (double glazing, coatings, adhesives, packaging, petrochemicals, automotive, refrigeration, etc.),
  • Specialty surfactants meet the requirements of many applications: clays, detergents, lubricants, paper, paints, plastics, fertilizer, etc.,
  • Functional polyolefins include ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers, or EVA (hotmelt adhesives, cables, road bitumen), ethylene-ethyl acrylate copolymers (thermo-adhesive films, profiles and flexible tubes) and coextrusion binders (multi-layer packaging, thermo-adhesive films).

A responsible player

Full control of quality and industrial processes is the rule in all production facilities, most of which are   ISO 9001 certified. On some sites CECA selected the ISO 14001 standard to recognize its commitment to the environment.

The CECA site in Antwerp also complies with the ISO 50001 standard related to energy management systems. CECA’s production facility in Antwerp has become the first site in the chemical industry to receive this new certification.

Main products and brands

  • Evatane® 
  • Lotader®
  • Lotryl® 
  • Orevac®
  • Norust®
  • Prochinor® 
  • Inipol®
  • Bactiram®
  • Siliporite® 
  • Cecabase®
  • Acticarbone® 
  • Clarcel®


  • 16 production sites: Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland), Asia (China), Africa and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates)
  • 3 R&D centers: Pierre Bénite, Lacq, Serquigny (France)