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The Acrylics activity produces and markets intermediate products (acids and esters) for the chemical industry. It also supplies cationic monomers for water treatment and plasticizers. 

Acrylic monomers: making daily life comfortable

The Arkema group is one of the world leaders in the production of acrylic monomers. Thanks to their unique properties, these products contribute to the comfort of daily life by:

  • extending the life of finished products,
  • developing formulas without solvents,
  • contributing to a better environment.

Marketed under the Norsocryl® brand the acrylic monomers, the acid and its esters, are used in the production of:

  • paints and coatings
  • superabsorbants
  • glues and adhesives
  • plastic materials
  • flocculants
  • dispersants
  • photocure resins
  • detergents
  • lubricants
  • plastic additives
  • thickeners
  • textile acrylic fibers
  • additives for treatment of paper and leather

Cationic monomers: treating polluted water

Commercialized under the Adame®Adamquat® and Madquat® brands, cationic monomers are used as dispersants and flocculants in the treatment of drinking and industrial water.


The Arkema group is also one of the main European producers of oxo alcohols (butanol and 2-ethylhexanol) used in the production of acrylic esters, lubricants, diesel additives, paints and varnishes.

Main products and brands

Acrylic monomers

Cationic monomers

Oxo alcohols 

  • N-Butanol 
  • 2-Ethylhexanol 
  • Iso-butanol 
  • Iso-butylraldehyde 


  • 3 production sites: Europe (France), North America (USA)
  • Global logistics system including more than 20 terminals
  • Global technology center in Carling (France)