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The creation and growth of the Arkema group

The Arkema group was created in October 2004, following the reorganization of Total’s Chemicals branch. Thanks to innovation, targeted acquisitions and investments in emerging countries, it has become a recognized world player in the field of specialty chemicals.


  • June: to support its customers’ growth in the refining and petrochemicals sectorArkema, through its subsidiary CECA, announces a project to double production capacity for its molecular sieves on the Honfleur plant in France, for a capital expenditure of some €60 million.
  • June: Arkema plans to divest its Sunclear subsidiary (€ 180 millions of sales), its plastic sheet distribution business, to BF Invest. This project is consistent with its program to divest €700 million sales aimed at pursuing the Group’s strategy to refocus on its core business
  • February: Finalization of project to acquire Bostik announced in September 2014.
  • January: Startup of Kerteh plant in Malaysia, Arkema's first thiochemicals (sulfur derivatives) site in Asia. The platform produces DMDS for the refining and petrochemicals market as well as bio-methionine for animal feed.


  • October: Arkema finalizes the first stage of its project to acquire acrylic assets in Taixing from Jurong, China's acrylic acid leader, announced in January,
  • September: Announcement of proposed acquisition of Bostik, the world's n°3 in adhesives, part of Total' specialty chemicals. This new stage in Arkema's transformation is consistent with its strategy to consolidate its ranking in specialty chemicals. With €1.53 billion sales, this acquisition is Arkema's largest since 2006.
  • September: Announcement of proposed shutdown of fluorogas production in Spain, at Zaramillo..
  • April: Inauguration of new electrolysis facility at the Jarrie plant near Grenoble, France. This €100 million project brings the site up to date with the latest regulations.
  • April: CECA announces a joint venture with Watan Industrial Investment to enter the petroleum additives market in Saudi Arabia.
  • January: Announcement of acrylics acquisition in China for US$ 240 million. By joining forces with Jurong Chemical, the acrylic acid leader in China, Arkema sets up Sunke, a joint venture in which Arkema has a majority interest and which will comprise the assets of Jurong's acrylic acid production site in Taixing.


  •  June: start up of the acrylic acid capacity extension at Clear Lake (Texas) which brings the site to a nameplate capacity of 270 KT per year.
  • May: Arkema completes its second registration phase under REACH. 273 substances are now registered and the Group expects to register a total of 480 substances.
  • May: Arkema sponsors the trimaran Arkema-Région Aquitaine which was built with materials and technologies developed by Arkema that help optimize its weight, strength and therefore performance.
  • April: Arkema acquires a stake of some 25% in the Indian company Ihsedu Agrochem, a subsidiary of Jayant Agro, specializing in the production of castor oil, renewable raw material of its polyamide resins 10 and 11.
  • April: Arkema acquires a stake of 60% in AEC Polymers, a French manufacturer of structural adhesives.



  • October: New settlement of Arkema in Brazil where the Group acquired from Resicryl a production plant of acrylic emulsions and additives.
  • September: The Group reveals its new visual identity and a new base line "innovative chemistry" which reasserts its focus on specialty chemicals and innovation.
  • July: Arkema finalizes the sale of its vinyl products activity to the Klesh group.With this divestment, the Arkema group completes its strategic shift and repositions itself in the field of specialty chemicals.
  • February : Arkema finalizes the acquisition of Chinese companies Casda Biomaterials, global leading producer of sebacic acid, and Hipro Polymers, specialized in specialty polyamides 10
  • January:  Arkema acquires Seppic’s specialty alkoxylates business.


  • November: Arkema acquires the Chinese companies HiPro Polymers et Casda Biomaterials, which are specialized in the production of biosourced polyamid 10 and its plant-based raw material  – sebacic acid.This acquisition strengthens Arkema’s position in China, one of its geographical priorities over the last five years. The polyamid 10 product extends its range of high added value polyamids 11 and 12, and reflects Arkema’s growth.
  • October: First stone laid for the Group’s future R&D center in Changshu (China). This will be the second center in Asia, after Japan.
    This confirms Arkema’s ambitious plans for strong growth in Asia, where it aims to generate 25% of its revenue by 2015, of which half is to be in China.
  • October:  First production run of a new facility for the production of Coatex rheology additives in Changshu (China).
  • July: Arkema completes the acquisition of Total’s specialty resins (Cray Valley, Cook Composites & Polymers and Sartomer).
  • June: Arkema enters the CAC 60 Paris stock market index
  • April: First production run of a new facility for fluoropolymers in Changshu (China)
  • April: Arkema announces the construction of a world-size industrial platform for thiochemicals and the production of methionine in Kerteh (Malaysia), in partnership with the South Korean firm CJ CheilJedang


  • November: Arkema successfully completes its first REACH registration phase.
  • September: Arkema is awarded the Pierre Potier prize for Kynar Aquatec®.
  • January: Arkema completes the acquisition of specific acrylic assets from Dow in North America.


  • September: Arkema builds carbon nanotubes pilot plant at Mont (France).
  • August: Acquisition by Arkema of certain acrylates and latex assets from Dow in North America.
  • July: The Group invest in specialty acrylic polymers production through its subssidiary Coatex.


  • April: Initial share capital increase operation reserved for Arkema personnel is a success.


  • June 5: First Arkema General Shareholders Meeting.
  • October: Arkema completes the acquisition of Coatex.


  • May 18: Arkema’s IPO on the Paris stock market (Segment A of Eurolist by EuronextTM).


October 1: Creation of Arkema, inside Total’s Chemicals branch.